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Book schedule changes

Posted Tuesday into Writing by John Birmingham

I've been looking at my sales figures and my schedule for the year and have decided to tweak the order in which I work on this year's titles. I'm deep into The Cruel Stars at the moment and will kick on with that for another five or six weeks.

I had intended to then start WW 3.1, but I'm going to push that back to second half of the year to concentrate on The Golden Minute (or Girl in Time 2, if you prefer) and then a mass market thriller called Sleeper Agent.


The numbers. I'll make a lot more money off Golden Minute, and have been accepted into a box set deal for Sleeper Agent, so they get priority.

I'm still doing WW 3.1 and Stronghold (Dave 4) but they'll be released for Father's Day and Christmas respectively

And I'm still looking for fan fic across the the various storyworlds if people are interested.

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NBlob has opinions thus...

Posted Tuesday
I'm a little surprised the spooky blue AI allows such fripperies to influence scheduling.

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jason reckons...

Posted Yesterday

Is there a word length limit for the fan fic stuff. I just figured if it goes to far we cant list you as a primary author so lose some visibility.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted Yesterday
Hmm. Interesting question. I guess about 8000 words if you got that in you.

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Surtac swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted 8 hours ago
Sounds like you have a plan there John. And after all, you're the one writing for food.

Me, I'll puchase and read anything you want to publish when it's available.

Btw, I found/ recovered the AoT story I wrote for the original fan fic festival on Journalspace all those years ago. Is it ok to polish and resubmit that one?

I do have a follow-up story in early development too. Must get cracking on that.

John Birmingham is gonna tell you...

Posted 7 hours ago
Yep. Happy to take pre-loved fanfic

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Bondiboy66 would have you know...

Posted 5 hours ago
Like Surtac I'm happy with anything! Although the next installment of The Dave would be nice....but The Golden Minute would be cool too.

As I'm rereading the AoT books at the moment I am moved to ask: has any cash rich folks talked about movie/TV treatments of...well...anything? Mind you, any of your stories would be bloody expensive and special effects laden. Hence the 'cash rich' thing.

John Birmingham reckons...

Posted 3 hours ago
All sorts of movie and tv people have expressed an interest at various times. But movie and tv people are infamous bullshitters.

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No, I wasn't trolling. Why would you imagine that?

Posted Tuesday into Blunty by John Birmingham

Just because I mocked the hardy frontier image of hardy frontier Queensland in Blunty:

There's nothing tough about refusing to evacuate in the face of a cyclone.

If you survive the winds and roaring storm surge you were just lucky, not resilient.

Cyclone's path: 'please leave'

North Queensland residents in the direct line of Cyclone Debbie should "take this seriously" as emergency crews prepare for "significant damage". Nine News

If the eye turns away and looks for somewhere else to destroy, same deal.

But if you live on the coast and you simply wait for the blast front and the tsunami because some pissweak little storm isn't going to scare you away, you're living in denial at best.

At worst, you're a selfish idiot who will endanger the lives of everyone who has to come to your aid.

I'm sure Lord Bob has all the feelz about this issue.

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WarDog swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted Tuesday
But it's a fake storm!
And besides Australia doesn't exist anyway.
You're just a figment of my imagination.

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insomniac is gonna tell you...

Posted Tuesday
There will be some moron out there looking for a monster wave.

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pitpat puts forth...

Posted Tuesday
A master class in the dark art

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Lulu mumbles...

Posted Yesterday
There are the people who refuse to evacuate, and then there are the ones who decide it would be an excellent time to ... kitesurf.

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The upside of Sputnik hysteria

Posted Monday by John Birmingham

From today's ASB:

It was Stephen King who told me that for every era there was a movie, specifically a horror movie. And no, he didn’t tell me personally. But he did write it in Danse Macabre, the extended teaser trailer for his later how-to book On Writing. King had a theory that the defining fears of an era work themselves out in its pulp fiction.

It seemed profound when I read it (but I was fourteen and at that age the lyrics to Dr Hook’s “You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance” could seem profound). The King cited convincing support for his theory from 1950s cinema, a golden era for terrible alien invasion flicks. Deranged howlers like Plan 9 From Outer Space and serious genre efforts like the The Day The Earth Stood Still—come on, it won a Golden Globe, people—all landed on fertile ground prepared by ‘Sputnik hysteria’.

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BALLS.100 The BALLS Podcast 100th Episode Unspectacular

Posted Monday into Sport by beeso

We crack open the secret to success in today's NBA - PB&J sandwiches and sliding into the DMs. Also this week: pay drivers and pink cars in F1, Snapper Rocks surf stories, going downhill in NZ's stinkiest town, Arsenal keeping the airborne banner industry aflight, Maxi gets a ton, Taumalolo gets ten, union might be cooked and the Supercars are unexpectedly woke. Get us on itunes HERE or listen on the web HERE.

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NBlob would have you know...

Posted Monday
Sorry Beeso & Doctor Yob, if you'll excuse a momentary threadjack.

Big Pharma, legacy media, banks, telcos, Oil&Gas, corporations period are like species in a Darwinian context. They adapt to best exploit their niche Or they fail. Some are dramatically swallowed whole by predatory finance, others quietly file for bankruptcy protection. The forces that define their niche include competitors, market preferences, costs of production, costs of capital & regulation. Of these, only the last is malleable. The shaping of that regulatory context - tax, employment, environment, product-safety is what politics is.
People who "opt out" or "are not interested in politics" or claim "both parties are the same, so it doesn't matter" seem at best ignorant, possibly apathetic or appallingly complicit.


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Cock punching the Bolter

Posted Friday by John Birmingham

I spent all day on this topic. It was a lot harder than I expected.

If only Andrew Bolt was free to speak his mind, none of those people would have died in London yesterday. If only the Bolter could just be free to tell us exactly what he thought of the mud races and their heathen ways, we would no longer have to live in fear of being violently disassembled by bearded nutters in chocolate shops or on the public thoroughfares.

He would give them a jolly good talking to and they would fold up like a cheap umbrella in a high wind.

Well rejoice, my friends, because that happy day is nigh.


Six years (and a never-ending News Corp campaign in the service of of bad faith and bullshit later) and the PM is released for a few minutes from the windowless cellar where he now lives with George Christensen whispering to him in the dark, “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

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insomniac mumbles...

Posted Friday
Why don't Labor etc band together and add harass to the existing list rather than swap them out, so the bill has to go to the lower house, and then watch the lnp shit themselves.

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Bondiboy66 mutters...

Posted Monday
Apropos of little - I am rereading the AoT books and chuckled at SAS troopers Bolt and Akerman having at Jerry in the UK....and failing to survive the encounter.

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BALLS After Dark.85 Genre be good

Posted March 22 into Music by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss why they even have a music podcast, is [genre] dead, the beauty of being Beeso, doing all of the things, making movies, incidental things are incidental, Mashed Banana off your 'nana, action aplenty at the Mr Whippy Grand Prix, double (J) edged swords, unexpected comebacks, no more pop culture for you, contractually obliged mentions of our new podcast feeds, how Discover Weekly's magic algorithm works, music-based social siloing, Jake Hole and the children are our future. This week we reviewed new albums from All Them Witches and Crystal Fairy, with Beeso nominating Decoder Ring's '02 debut as his classic. Next week: Tosca, The Shins and Turbonegro's own After After Dark from 2012. This, next and last week's albums are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Check out our favourite tracks of the year so far on the After Dark Mixtape for 2017. Please subscribe and review us on the pod platform of your choice as we got kicked off iTunes for swearing too much and had to start again. You can listen here as well.

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