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BALLS.100 The BALLS Podcast 100th Episode Unspectacular

Posted Monday into Sport by beeso

We crack open the secret to success in today's NBA - PB&J sandwiches and sliding into the DMs. Also this week: pay drivers and pink cars in F1, Snapper Rocks surf stories, going downhill in NZ's stinkiest town, Arsenal keeping the airborne banner industry aflight, Maxi gets a ton, Taumalolo gets ten, union might be cooked and the Supercars are unexpectedly woke. Get us on itunes HERE or listen on the web HERE.

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NBlob mutters...

Posted Monday
Sorry Beeso & Doctor Yob, if you'll excuse a momentary threadjack.

Big Pharma, legacy media, banks, telcos, Oil&Gas, corporations period are like species in a Darwinian context. They adapt to best exploit their niche Or they fail. Some are dramatically swallowed whole by predatory finance, others quietly file for bankruptcy protection. The forces that define their niche include competitors, market preferences, costs of production, costs of capital & regulation. Of these, only the last is malleable. The shaping of that regulatory context - tax, employment, environment, product-safety is what politics is.
People who "opt out" or "are not interested in politics" or claim "both parties are the same, so it doesn't matter" seem at best ignorant, possibly apathetic or appallingly complicit.


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BALLS.71 F**k you Kitty, we're gonna spend the night outside

Posted August 23 into Sport by beeso

With Beeso off chasing his kids round northern NSW, guest host Adam returns to get things laughably wrong about sport (worth listening just for the olympic basketball prediction), why we suck at Test Cricket not here, olympians behaving badly and a cost benefit analysis of every gold medal.

Have a listen here or search for The Balls Podcast with Beeso and Dr Yobbo in your fine podcast player of choice.

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BALLS.66 Wide World of Spork

Posted July 18 into Sport by beeso

This week on The Balls Podcast, Beeso and The Doc pitch a new show, The Wide World of Sporks as well as farewelling Tim Duncan, the least interesting basketball personality ever, celebrate the Pakistan Cricket Team, talk TDF and tech and do our obligitory mention of bikes falling off hills.

Get it here

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Balls 56 and Balls AD 45

Posted May 9 into Sport by beeso

This week on Balls, Leicester are champions (and exceptionally hungover), Optis are muppets, Draymond is buffering, the Pacers are coachless, Phil Jackson reviews Thai restaurants in Iowa, Eddie is everywhere and the Eels are board stupid. Get that here

Last week on the AFTER DARK, Beeso and The Doc discuss selling bitter Lemonade, the existential dilemma which keeps 2Chains up at night, getting blamed for stuff your successors did, the finer points of Big W bargain bin diving, sax offenders of the 1980s, and Beeso epistles on a bus shelter. Reviewed this week: Dandy Warhols, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (yes that's one band) and classic You Am I. This week's BALLS After Dark drinking game keyword is 'insipid'. Gamble (with your liver) responsibly. Get that here.

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Balls 55-Better Call Saul

Posted May 4 into Sport by beeso

NBA Playoff time, Lindividual brilliance, learn to count basketball-style, why you shouldn't hire masturbation enthusiasts, Badmunterfinger and the Clips' Daddy issues, St Totteringham Returns, pisstake Poznans and smoke em if you got em, even if it IS draft night.

Get It right here or at iTunes here

Also if you like wine, there is a great episode this week on Beeso's food podcast Cheeeeesy. Get that here

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Posted April 11, 2016 into Sport by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc address The Listener, Derek and Phil, misguided optimism, owning your fuckups, Rubirubirubirubio, 72 not out, the stinky-dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky Hinkie, the Doc's fairly shithouse thermostat joke, playoff matchups west and east, Steve Kerr's Golden Guitar nom, Melbourne Cup Madness, the Butler did it (and by it we mean not much), Shark Jumpman, why you shouldn't read DMs from Beeso if you have live sport on your DVR, Americans ruining football, Wombling free, promoting relegation, points versus playoffs, bon voyTaj, boxes and bowls, Fucken Easts, Thursday Night Twitter and the scientifically-proven reason that darts is better than golf.- by DR Yobbo

Get it HERE

Sabotaj from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

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