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Cartoons paused at just the wrong moment

Posted December 17, 2014 into Funny by John Birmingham

Because sometimes you just need a duck boner.

Or a child protection officer.

Or a cigarette and a beer.

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15 Responses to ‘Cartoons paused at just the wrong moment’

Paul_Nicholas_Boylan reckons...

Posted December 17, 2014
Fucking hilarious.

But it ruins my impression of Donald Duck.

Shifty Tourist puts forth...

Posted December 17, 2014
Its the look he is giving to the "camera" which sells it. looks like suggestive, raised eyebrow smirk.

insomniac ducks in to say...

Posted December 17, 2014
What sort of impression do you have of DD that could be swayed in a negative direction given he struts around in public without pants?

Spanner swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 17, 2014
A duck does it and nobody cares. I do it at work and HR gets involved. Blah blah inappropriate blah harassment blah offending the customers. There is no justice.

Paul_Nicholas_Boylan mutters...

Posted December 17, 2014
Hahahahahahahaha!!! HA!

[the curmudgeon version of LOL]

Defender90 reckons...

Posted December 18, 2014
Not only is he sans pants but he's a sailor and we all know they're filthy buggers, they go from port to port.

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Barnesm mutters...

Posted December 17, 2014
The ought to be a tumbler for these

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HAVOCK21 has opinions thus...

Posted December 17, 2014
aLWAYS L;OVEd pok e mONS. ...just sayin!

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Paul_Nicholas_Boylan puts forth...

Posted December 17, 2014
My wife, Lori, said:

"Is this John's work? Tell him I am sorely disappointed."


Abe Frellman mumbles...

Posted December 17, 2014
Did she not SEE the size of that thing's tongue??????

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pi mutters...

Posted December 18, 2014
OT :

I'm moving house. That means, of course, packing all of the earthly belongings to sit in boxes for a few months, to be unpacked at some time in the future when I've had a skin-full, and I need a bit of therapy.

But I want to take issue with something, JB, and I'm hoping you can help out. What the FUCK is up with different book sizes? We have standard alain keys, standard bed sizes, standard door sizes, hell, we even have standard fuckin condom sizes. So how the fuck, after a thousand years of producing the things, have we not come up with standard book sizes?

And it's some authors worst than most. Larry Niven? Boss. Roger Zelazny? Boss. Hey I understand it's not good to speak ill of the dead, but Iain Banks? Non-standard, every one.

But he pales in comparison to Neal Stephenson and William Gibson. What's up with these fuckin guys? It seems that every fuckin book they produce is a different size?!!?!?!

Do you guys consciously do this? Maybe Stephen Baxter said "can't be havin people getting confused in the book isle with that noob. Better mix it up a little."

So it means that, when I get to my destination, because they can't be placed in the boxes in alphabetical order, because they can't be packed in any order, they spend two months in a box until I finally get the nerve to sink a skin-full, and to crack open the box, and yet again, place the books all back in the book shelf. And then re-order them again.

Way to get people to use amazon JB.

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted December 18, 2014
As far as I know there are only three standard sizes. Hardback. Trade paperback and paperback. They address different markets. If you can't figure out which marketing pigeonhole you're supposed to be in I cannot help you.

Shifty Tourist ducks in to say...

Posted December 18, 2014

Pi, its a conspiracy I say.

The publishers are in bed with the brown cardboard box people. Authors, I take from JBs denial is clearly in on it. You see there is always extra, but unusable space, so an additional box is required. Leading to more box sales, which the box makers kick back to the publishers, which they use to pay they dues to the Illuminati (who use this money for their Pizza and six pack.... and world domination fund.

I say, wake up sheeple!!

John Birmingham would have you know...

Posted December 18, 2014
And now you must die.

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Anthony would have you know...

Posted December 18, 2014

As someone who once wasted a year of their life working for a publisher there is (sort of) a rationale for some sizes. Manuals for example are usually standardised at US Letter size because they are frequently referred to.

Essentially though you are probably irritated with what's known as "trade size" - the larger paperbacks that won't fit on shelves. These are essentially the paperback version of the hardcover - same pagination and layout. That's what generally goes out for review purposes and thee days usually comes out at the same time as the hardcover.

It's also significantly more profitable than the normal paperback and if a book looks to be selling well in "trade" then the standard size may be "delayed" a while to take advantage of those buyers who purchase as soon as it comes out.

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