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Mad max game looking almost as awesome as the movie

Posted August 6, 2015 into Games by John Birmingham

Games spun off movies are notoriously rubbish. But this looks pretty damn fine.

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Singo mutters...

Posted August 6, 2015
I am excited but it's hard to say what in that trailer is gameplay and what is cut-scene.

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ChrisB would have you know...

Posted August 7, 2015
FINALLY! A chance to drive the Falcon XB GT! Unless JB has one he's willing to loan...

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Peter in the bleaches is gonna tell you...

Posted August 7, 2015

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DrewfromOz mutters...

Posted August 7, 2015
Movie was awesome.Was talking to a tattooist mate who also loved the movie, about Furiosa's brand......he said he had a cancellation next day.....bad thing to say to me.....

Game will hopefully be epic. Will I be able to split my heart between it and Fallout 4?
I will be finding out. Both on pre order.......

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