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New favourite word

Posted June 30 into Funny by John Birmingham

Cocksplat. Thanks to David Tenant. (And Donald Trump)

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HAVOCK21 swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted June 30
Shes actually jumpable I think. Anywho. Its a fkn retard, and fkn HELL FKN YES. you FKN COCKSPLAT!

yeah.. I like it a lot too its a slightly more refined and I guess toned down version of COCKHEAD. Tha latter is harsher, the CS version would be a more acceptable itenm in a more refined genteel setting I guess.

here is oz, would you say.

Guys a cocksplat or
guys a cockhead.

The latter is us, FKN POKMS and SCOTS can have the other I think..pussies

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Murphy_of_Missouri would have you know...

Posted June 30
I remember why I stopped watching these things.

But cocksplat? That is a good one.

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DarrenBloomfield is gonna tell you...

Posted June 30
Arseclown. Still my clubhouse leader.

Quokka mutters...

Posted July 3
And mine, followed closely by arsebiscuit.
Being female, one of my pet hates is the phrase 'jumpable' and is best left to the ilk of Eddy McGuire & Chris Gayle.

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Dave W puts forth...

Posted June 30
Yeah, well thay also came up with additions to the english language like bell-end and numpty. Dicksplat nearly made me choke on my tim-tam (no euphemism) and is worthy of joining the lexicon.

NBlob reckons...

Posted July 2
Bell end is a personal favourite.

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Jon asserts...

Posted July 1
Being a blue collar worker I have ample opportunity to use these kind of insults conversationally, I'll try it out at work on monday. Cocksplat still isn't as good as "your a piece of shit wrapped in skin" though.

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w from brisbane mumbles...

Posted July 1
Cocksplat : Sound made by a cockpunch. (source : John Birmingham - the Dave vs the Monsters series)

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