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Harry is off to Audible

Posted November 22 into Books by John Birmingham

Just signed a deal to give Audible the rights to do the entire Stalin's Hammer series as an audio book next year.

I'm not sure how long it will take them to produce, but I'm very much looking forward to hearing the finished product.

I've been researching print-on-demand options for the collected series. It looks like I'll go with Amazon's CreateSpace in the US, but with IngramSpark everywhere else.

Doing print-on-demand is hella complicated compared to ebooks. And expensive. These things will retail at the same price as any trade published title. And I'll make less on them than I would on a much cheaper ebook. As soon as you start moving atoms around, the costs pile up.

But there are people who prefer print. I guess we'll see whether they're willing to pay for the preference. My guess is mostly not, but it's worth a look.

At the moment I anticipate an early to mid-December launch for A Girl in Time, and if I can ever get my head around the vagaries of IngramSpark, the hard copy should be available for Xmas too.

I'll release this title everywhere. I experimented with Amazon exclusivity this year, and although it does confer some advantages, I don't think they compensate for the lost readers who just won't come at the Beast of Bezos. I seem to have more of them than usual. (Interesting and possibly related data point - over 60% of subscribers to my bookclub are on iOS).

Anyway, I'll let you know when I hear anything about a release date for the audiobooks.

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DarrenBloomfield ducks in to say...

Posted November 22
I'm IoS and my preferred platform is ibooks. But I also procure via Amazon for my Kindle app and even Kobo on rare occasions. I'm slutty that way.

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WarDog ducks in to say...

Posted November 22
"over 60% of subscribers to my bookclub are on iOS"

The zombie hordes are zeroing in on you John.
Oh, wait you're already one of them :-)

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Rob ducks in to say...

Posted November 22
After moving house I like my kindle even more then I did before. So many books to pack, store and cull.

insomniac ducks in to say...

Posted November 22
I have to move shortly and I have a stack of books to pack, probably to add to the collection of boxes of books unseen for 5 years. I can never bring myself to cull any books, except in extraordinary circumstances such as when I found out the author of a book I had bought had been sending dick pics to women who had registered their email address on his website.

Rob reckons...

Posted November 22
I didn't realise how prolific I had been with the painting until I stacked and packed the bigger works. They are now stacked in my new studio, I did have a chuck out of some of those too. Weird watching paintings hit the crusher at the tip.

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Therbs would have you know...

Posted November 22
Kindle or iBooks works for me. Prolly use the Kindle more these days.
I was given a David Sedaris book a few months back and only yesterday finished my e-Book backlog so I could start on this thing made of paper and ink. It doesn't backlight nor does it have adjustable font and you need to physically mark where you've just finished reading.
Unbelievably primitive.

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KreepyKrawly is gonna tell you...

Posted November 22
Thakyou, Thakyou, Thakyou, Thakyou, Thakyou, Thakyou, so-on and so-forth... Do not like Bezos, prefer kobo... would have liked microsux to have kept the .lit format, but what do you expect from those numnuts.

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Sparty2 mutters...

Posted November 22
Well this is timely-

"Harry- get your arse to Tokyo" for
Hirohito's Hammer: Tokyo

WarDog reckons...

Posted November 23
Oh dear, the cataclysm from Day of the Triffids has shown up as a toy.

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Peter in the bleachers reckons...

Posted November 22
Kindle app on iOS works every time. iBooks is ok but has less options. Can't wait for A Girl in Time.

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David Kennedy is gonna tell you...

Posted January 10
As a trucker Audible is my friend. So thank God Stalin's Hammer is on the way. Print - in any form - is OK at home but I can load up the iphone with a 100GB of audio and I'm set for the week.

It would be nice to get the next instalment of Dave on audio and, while we're on the subject of wish lists, Here be Monsters shows a lot of promise; more please.

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