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Dunkirk Trailer

Posted December 15 into Movies by John Birmingham

I've always thought Kenneth Brannagh should spend the latter half of his career remaking the great British war movies, including Zulu. (How good would Jason Statham be as the gnarly Sgt Major!?!)

Dunkirk isn't a remake, of course. And it's more Private Ryan than Dam Busters.

But it proves my point about Brannagh.

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John Birmingham has opinions thus...

Posted December 15
FROM Ian Andrew (author)*

That may well be your most brilliant idea ever - Brannagh to remake the classics - aww... a modern remake of Zulu though, gee that would have to be done with some care and great panache. Although a wonderful opportunity to set the record straight about Private Hook. Oh and Idris Elba would make a superb Shaka…
Others in the KB Classic series –
The Great Escape starring Ben Cumberbatch as Sqn Ldr Roger Bushell
The Dambusters – starring Nicholas Hoult as Wg Cdr Guy Gibson (dog’s names changed throughout)
633 Squadron – starring Simon Pegg as Flying Officer Hoppy Hopkinson (‘cos he does a good Jock)
The Longest Day – starring… well everyone with an Equity card ‘cos there weren’t half a lot of them in the original…


*I'm reposting from Twitter because Ian had some issues lodging his comment.

Lulu swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 16
Idris Elba would indeed make a great Shaka, but in the service of pedantry, I feel compelled to point out that the Zulu king at the time of that particular battle was Cetshwayo.

And I love the idea of Branagh remaking all of those classics.

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Sparty2 reckons...

Posted December 15
Since its nearly xmas and we're on war movies, and I know I've posted this before but in honor of Rogue One and 633 Squadron
Thats how to do a remake.

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Murphy_of_Missouri would have you know...

Posted December 16
Nolan knows his business.

He definitely has a fixation with the grey tides, and frigid landscapes.

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DarrenBloomfield ducks in to say...

Posted December 16
A Bridge too far - I also Think Pegg would make a good Monty (?)
Battle of the Bulge
What about the Pacific Theatre. Leave Bridge on the River Kwai alone as that cannot be improved. But, maybe Tora Tora Tora! or - even - Midway - (but maybe with unexpected arrivals from the future... no wait, NO ONE would believe that...)

insomniac swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 16
If Harry Fucking Styles can get an acting gig then surely there's a role for the Burgers as extras in the remake of Midway.

Dave W mumbles...

Posted December 16
I thought the world was already broken vis-a-vis Nicholas Cage in anything.

FormerlyKnownAsSimon ducks in to say...

Posted December 19
GI Blues perhaps? ; )

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Sparty2 mumbles...

Posted December 16
Rogue One is a good movie - and
And if you like "the bridge at Njimagen"
You'll love it. Not same plot (so no spoilers)
Just the feel.

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tqft asserts...

Posted December 16
What's a War movie?
"But even as Leone’s directing makes torture entertaining, the film sympathetically, and elegiacally, condemns the horrors of war."

Remake with Chris Pine as Blondie?

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S.M. Stirling swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 16
Not quite a war movie, but "The Thin Man", perhaps?

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pi asserts...

Posted December 19
It should also be noted that probably the most famous speech by Churchill was delivered as a response to this conflict. It was given one week after the evacuation of Dunkirk.

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Stephen M. Stirling would have you know...

Posted December 20
Dunkirk was a disaster, but not nearly as much of a disaster as losing the 350,000 men would have been. That was the only cadre of trained soldiers Britain had.

If the Germans hand't stopped their armor, they would have driven onto the beach in about another 2 days; they'd have had significant losses, but the entire force in the Dunkirk pocket would have been bagged, and they probably would have won the war.

The essential thing Britain did after the fall of France was "not give up". That kept the war in being, and that brought the US in to the European conflict.

This shows the crucial role of individuals. The main alternative to Churchill to succeed Chamberlain was Halifax, and Halifax wanted to negotiate a settlement after France went down.

Paul_Nicholas_Boylan mutters...

Posted December 23
I've always hated Halifax, but for other reasons.

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Gilligan mumbles...

Posted December 22
JB: Love me some J-Stath for sure, but the grizzled Sgt. Maj. needs to stay Welsh. If Pete Poselthwaite were still around he'd be a shoe-in. Robert Pugh could be grizzled enough, methinks. Rhys Ifans could do the attitude, but may be a bit wiry? We could also see what sort of Welsh accent Liam Cunningham can manage because, well, Liam Cunningham.

The other bit of fun would be casting the Michael Caine character (and of course ol' Micky C himself would need to cameo), as they need to be pretty enough and cocky enough to pull it off. Alfie Allen might manage it?

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