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BALLS After Dark.50 pt 2 Desert Island Dicks - Eclectic Boogaloo

Posted June 14, 2016 into Music by beeso

Yes kids it's Part 2 of our 50th Episode Desert Island Discs Spectacularrrrrrrr, in which host @Beeso, designated munter @DrYobbo and stunt butt (of many, many Def Leppard jokes) @adamhfoto bring the heat as they argue through each other's top fives. [Cue Commodore 64 crowd-cheer SFX that sounds a lot like thunderstorms on Beeso's roof.] Agenda items: Compost, more on that band that were around with the Stones, nah nah nah nah nah-nah-nah nah, blind truthers, surprise metal, equal opportunity sledging, rock cheese, fake drama and midlife crises, why you should never let Mike Patton get you a drink, Journey To Somewhere, the Doc's Keef Flint Gridwalk Update, missing puzzle pieces, the McDonalds cheeseburger of music, your new favourite compilation, Axl rises, Now That's What I Call The Hottest 100, and Chinese-Australian Democracy. Sincere thanks to Adam for guesting on this very special double ep of the show, and to everyone who sent in their desert island music feels, many of which were discussed in Part 1. GET IT HERE

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BALLS After Dark.50 pt 1 Desert Island Dicks

Posted June 8, 2016 into Music by beeso

THE AFTER DARK. It's Part One of our After Dark 50th Episode Desert Island Discs Spectacular! In which Beeso, Dr Yobbo and Special Guest Heather Locklear @adamhfoto talk Hottest 100s Of All Time Of Their Time, being interesting on Facebook, you say anima I say anaemia, MAHHH WAHHHFFE, the Predator unplugged, avalanche warnings and other extreme weather events, scabby junkies, Alley cats, searching for the guy from that Sugarman doco, Tori Amos PTSD, rusting out, Beeso talks to kids, that band that were around when the Stones were around, music to drive tractors to, music to get in the sea to, Beats One killed the Rdio star, caping for Lana Del Ray, young LNP thrusters, niche work if you can get it, and Fitzy's tight five. Beeso, Adam and the Doc argue for their own Desert Island Discs selections in Ep 50 Part 2, out later this week.

Thanks to all who contributed top fives, not all of whom we could squeeze into this episode (including but not limited to Mrs Beeso, Dan and Dave from At The Drive Thru, Ben Cuzzupe, Spankee, Lenny from the Brothers Stoney, Beeso's old Alley bar and stage crew, Ben Connolly, John Alexander and the poor touch footy bastards who Beeso shouts at a lot.) Special appearance from the Podfather, John Birmingham, who pops on opposite #BALLS' very own JB to talk through his list. A reminder, our special brand of ill-informed shouting and crap features alongside actual #content on Birmo's blog Cheeseburger Gothic.

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Therbs ducks in to say...

Posted June 8, 2016
Avalanches shmavalanches. They lost me when DJ Dexter joined them back in the day.

spankee puts forth...

Posted June 9, 2016
I sit all alone in my dark room, and I cry.

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Balls Balls Balls

Posted June 1, 2016 into Music by beeso

Balls After Dark 48-In which Special Guest Star @adamhfoto joins the Doc to review an album his millennial coworkers picked, indicating the level of love and respect they have for him; followed by an Accidental Metallica Special, because you've got to find some way to disinfect that Lumineers shit from your ears. Chaos and shenanigans ensue....

then Balls 59 where Beeso laughs at all the completely wrong NBA finals takes he wasn't there to make, before wondering just how much The Special One will destroy MUFC and why Red Bull hates Australian F1 drivers.

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Slack Balls

Posted May 23, 2016 into Music by beeso

Beeso had some kid free days last week, so here are this weeks Balls.

BALLS! Curtains for Spurs and the Spurs, Steph is unanimously good at basketball, Rotovegas represent, and Fat Sam is a dangerous floater that refuses to be flushed. Get that here.

Then the always professional Beeso and Dr Yobbo discuss the cultural imperialism of chip packet colours, Biggie vs Starks, Beeso vs actual music reviewers, old worn-out T-shirts as a metaphor for old worn-out bands, great tyre dumps of Sydney's inner-west, and who is the Steven Adams of dub. Somewhere amongst all of that crap they also review new albums by King Gizzard and the Cat Empire, and 1985 vintage live Oils. Get that here

2 Responses to ‘Slack Balls’

Therbs puts forth...

Posted May 23, 2016
Or in the case of Bismack Biyombo, bruised balls courtesy of Daahhhnntay!

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PM is gonna tell you...

Posted May 24, 2016
Another insightful and informative recap Ms B. Not as funny as some you've given us but that's hardly surprising in this time of post-Hodor grief.

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BALLS After Dark.46 Siren song of the anguished dying Wookiee

Posted May 12, 2016 into Music by beeso

Beeso and the Doc talk Midnight Oil's comeback, Smash B-Sides '91, Radiohead's incipient U2isation, the Doc's issues with Spain, Beeso's issues with plugging his mates' bands, and is Beyonce this generation's Beyonce? Reviewed: new Beastwars and The Heavy, and INXS' 1987 classic Kick. Next week: The Cat Empire, King Gizzard (back with another one) and classic Oils live at Goat Island - all on the ">BALLS Spotify playlist

Get it here or subscribe to iTunes here. And check out the new Funkoars track, it's a good one.

1 Responses to ‘BALLS After Dark.46 Siren song of the anguished dying Wookiee’

Therbs puts forth...

Posted May 13, 2016
Cat Empire? Fkn trumpets again. You two really suffer for your art.

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Balls After Dark.44

Posted May 1, 2016 into Music by beeso

The Doc and Beeso pour a little out for Prince and discuss whether he is responsible for Beeso's love of sexy time music, before they review Pop/Homme's Post Pop Depression, The Bennies' Wisdom Machine and Beeso's classic pick, Killervision by FWTB* Salmonella Dub. Next week: The Dandy Warhols are still a thing, something called an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and the definitive 90s Australian indie album, You Am I's Hi-Fi Way. This and next week's albums are, as always, available for your listening pleasure on the BALLS Spotify playlist.. All of this makes sense if you listen here.

*Fucking Wellington Trumpet Band, for those who came in late

1 Responses to ‘Balls After Dark.44’

Bondiboy66 mumbles...

Posted May 2, 2016
I liked Sound As Ever by You Am I a bit more personally

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