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Jason Lambright's 1917 review

Posted Monday into Movies by John Birmingham

I won't get to see this one big screen because of my deadline, but I had been looking forward to Jason's take. His review, like the film, does not disappoint.

Right up front I’d like to say that I’m not a big war movie guy. But if I do go to one, it needs to be historically and physically accurate. Historical accuracy is obvious- uniforms, gear, and scenery needs to be right. But what do I mean by physical accuracy? Allow me to explain. I don’t want to see people acting like clowns when they are supposed to be shot. By the same token, I do not want to see them take round after round and keep functioning.

It doesn’t work that way.

You can read the whole piece at his blog.

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she_jedi would have you know...

Posted Monday
That was a top notch review Mr Lambright, you've persuaded me to go see this!

jl would have you know...

Posted Monday
No spoilers, but when you do go see it, look at the barbed wire obstacles. Then imagine attacking, rifle in hand, as bullets and shrapnel snap, flutter and whistle by. It is very easy to imagine how an entire generation was lost in those horrid muddy pits.

she_jedi has opinions thus...

Posted Tuesday
I will, thanks Jason!

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Vovchara asserts...

Posted 8 hours ago
Mr. Lambright, you are talking my language. Ok, grammatically improved version :)
As I get older, I get increasingly more irritated with Hollywood, where "Rule of Cool" rules supreme, completely overlooking the fact, that Realism is a lot cooler.
Although to be absolutely honest, I would prefer a movie about WW 1.1 or WW 2.1, with a realistic extrapolation of alternate history.

she_jedi mumbles...

Posted 3 hours ago
Gee if only we had a thoroughly plotted and complete source material to draw upon for a project of this nature....

jason swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted 24 minutes ago
Mr Lambright might just have what you are looking for in terms oF WW1.1

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No time to die

Posted December 5 into Movies by John Birmingham

This looks good.

And yes, I'm back. Time for some gratuitous sex and violence.

9 Responses to ‘No time to die’

jl puts forth...

Posted December 5
Nice to see the 'Burger cranking up again!

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Bondiboy66 puts forth...

Posted December 5
Bond flick looks good - nice to see the classic Aston Martin back!

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Barnesm ducks in to say...

Posted December 5
Wasn't that fussed, until I saw Rami Said Malek in it. NOW I'm interested.

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Dave W has opinions thus...

Posted December 5
I was going to say that it's _always_ time for gratuitous sex and violence. And then I realised that it would make me seem just a bit odd.

Where's Havock to tell us instead? We expect it of him.

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HAVOCK21 would have you know...

Posted December 5
BAAAAAAH FKN BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCHES!

Whats NOT TO FKNB LIKE, BOND ( me or fkn based on me ...rather looosly I might add, cois---I'M FKN BETTER!

WENCHES...TWIN....THATS TWIN! FKN MINI"S ON THE ASTON!..yeah baby come get some, Bond doing donuits,,,well circle work for us real fkn shkips and more bloody British teas at dawn away borders jkilling shit .

Oh yes, the musical score is also something to behold. The picture whilst at times grainy and deliberate for effect culminates in what can only be described as world-class cinematography. No fancy choppers and what not dropping off surfers whilst 18 year s storm the beach the Wagner and such, but non the less, well crafted I must say.

Shall be an EPIC FKN WATCH!

Naut asserts...

Posted December 6
H, I love your rants and will defend your right to nuke whatever you like from orbit. But when you misspell donut


I accept donut and doughnut but donuit is a crime and cannot go unpunished

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Dirk ducks in to say...

Posted December 6
It's always time for some gratuitous sex and violence, JB.

PS the donuit is a nightly French donut, also known as a Macron, or as Angela Merkel tends to call him, her little French crumpet. But this aside ...

HAVOCK21 mumbles...

Posted December 8
Yeah, Donuit...whats Dirk fkn Said NAUT!

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Dave W swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 8
Yes, very much like the 50s-60s look and feel, and then the shift to the present. I'm intrigued.

And the obvious parallel of Bond of the 50s-60s to the present. Quite intrigued.

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She’ll be back

Posted September 4 into Movies by John Birmingham

Great profile of Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Connor from the best of the Terminator movies. She’s back with James Cameron and Arnie for the new one. There's some fascinating stuff about how she turned some pretty shitty moments of her personal life into the completely remade Sarah of the second movie:

What she hadn’t dreamed of was a sequel. Years later, when Cameron contacted her out of the blue to see if she’d commit to “Terminator 2,” Hamilton had only one request: Instead of playing the damsel in distress again, she wanted Sarah to go crazy. “I wrote it to the hilt based on her directive,” Cameron told me.

This version of Sarah Connor, locked away in a psychiatric institution, had war in her eyes and a body trained like a weapon. In order to play her, Hamilton would have to get into staggeringly good shape, since Sarah’s robo-apocalypse training included pull-ups and, eventually, bicep-straining shotgun pumps. There was just one thing: “I was six months pregnant when Jim came to me,” Hamilton said, “and I carry my babies big...

Her then husband left her shortly after the birth of their child. She channeled the rage and fear from that into her role.

Totes worth a read at The New York Times.

4 Responses to ‘She’ll be back’

FormerlyKnownAsSimon has opinions thus...

Posted September 4
i know the world is never just black&white but is there a douchier move than to dump someone after they give birth to their child?

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted September 4
No. There is not.

jl is gonna tell you...

Posted September 4
Agreed. Pretty bad.

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she_jedi mutters...

Posted September 5
I'm so excited for this, the Terminator franchise is nothing without Linda Hamilton. Sarah Connor had such an impact on my younger self.

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Marvel timeline. (Very helpful, kind of bonkers)

Posted May 9 into Movies by John Birmingham

The Washington Post has a great 'condensed' time line of all the key events leading up to Avengers: Endgame. If you've lost track or missed a few episodes this will save you dozens of hours of catch up viewing. Fair warning, it might also cause you to question why you spent so much of your life invested in this crazy shit.

Grab it here.

4 Responses to ‘Marvel timeline. (Very helpful, kind of bonkers)’

Barnesm reckons...

Posted May 11
I when do you think Marvel Studios realised what a franchise monster they had created, do you think it was when they said, sure make a goofy Guardians of the Galaxy movie we can take the loss and it was a mega hit? Also I really like the observation that Guardians of the Galaxy is the Australian series Farscape Marvelised. Not as amusing as the theory Guardians of the Galaxy is just the Avengers playing a RPG.

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Barnesm is gonna tell you...

Posted May 11
This extended timeline has Hudson Hongo over at IO9 musing on their mortality.
"I’ll be honest, events like the 2008 financial crisis have conditioned me not to plan too far ahead. At my most optimistic, I’ll entertain two- or three-year goals. But there’s something disturbingly concrete about a date like “December 2027.” It’s a date that will certainly come to pass, whether we’re all here to see it or not.

What will life be like 2027? Will there still be bees? Coral reefs? Discrete meteorological seasons the average person would recognise as “summer” and “winter”? Hard to say, but Disney is pretty sure there will be five Avatar movies.

And more importantly, what will my life be like in eight years? "

John Birmingham is gonna tell you...

Posted May 13
Five Avatar movies? We're doomed.

FormerlyKnownAsSimon has opinions thus...

Posted May 13
the kids watched the first one yesterday. It's okay, but it does have that white man saves indigenous people vibe to it that Dances with wolves had. I also tremble at the thought of four more avatar movies to come. Because of MCU everyone is going to try and milk us all for extended story line not very good movies. I sat back and counted how much we spent on those marvel movies. Spoiler: it was a lot.

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Danger Close

Posted April 24 into Movies by John Birmingham

I dips me lid to Havoc for bringing this to my atention over on the Book of Face. DANGER CLOSE, a retelling of the Battle of Long Tan. Not sure how I missed it before. I cant tell if the script is any good from this clip (although I'm amused by the need for subtitles.) I think the actors and producers have done well to capture the character of the soldiers from that era. They look normal, eve a bit vintage, not like the muscle mountains of the present day.

I will be interested to see whether the Vietnamese get to be three dimensional characters or simply bullet fodder. I thought the Mel Gibson film (We Were Soliders Once, And Young) did reasonably well for a Hollywood effort on that front, even if the humanisation of the Other was all invested in one character.

2 Responses to ‘Danger Close’

Bondiboy66 is gonna tell you...

Posted April 29
I know another film was made about Long Tan (haven't seen it though). I am keen to see how this one goes, and hope they don't go all 'Hollywood' with it e.g. invent American involvement, add a Love Interest,all that sort of thing. Or in other words, I hope they don't Fuck It Up.

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Naut swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted April 29
Yeah, i hope they don't mythologise it and just stick to what happened. Hopefully with a fair representation of the other side too.

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Captain Marvel is good

Posted March 11 into Movies by John Birmingham

I took in this film on the weekend with Jane. It was good. That's really all the review you need, but this being the internet, fapping wankbadgers require I do more.

I'll fess up that I didn't know the Captain Marvel character before watching this film. I did read a long, explanatory thread on the Twitz, by the author Wesley Chu as I recall, who laid out the entire fascinating history while standing in a car park after a date.

His date abandoned him, but at least I got a great thread to read. Long story short, Captain Marvel go caught up in an IP dispute between US and UK comic publishers who finally swapped the character's gender and name to avoid a copyright suit.

Perfect. I love it.

Having no investment the canon I came at the movie without preconceptions. Honestly, I found the first Act a little confusing. But it quickly became obvious why. Brie Larson's character Carol Danvers is still discovering her own history and her imperfect memory is far from a reliable narrator. If you find yourself thinking, "What the fuck is going on here?" it's because the writers and producers WANT you to be thinking exactly that.

For fans of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, the main narrative sequence predates the events of last year's Infinity War by about twenty years. Larson's character, who undergoes a number of name changes as she recovers her memories and personal history (but is never once called Captain Marvel) arrives on Earth in the 1990s, literally dropping into a Blockbuster Video store. Even back then, it's looking dilapidated and I did enjoy this piece of proactive retrofuturist nostalgia.

Speaking of which, Agents Coulson and Fury are much younger and largely unknown to each other. They haven't yet gone full to Men in Black mode, and Danver's arrival is a large part of the reason why they do, and why Fury eventually sets up the Avengers Initiative.

You dont need to know the plot. There's an alien war, it spill's over here. A lot of preconceptions are set up and turned over.

My bottom line is I enjoyed it hugely. Larson really makes the story and character arc work. By the end of the movie she is effectively Superman with a double X chromosome. Seriously, she would kick the Man of Steel's shiny ass. She'll be a great addition to the roster when the Avengers return.

11 Responses to ‘Captain Marvel is good’

Vovchara mumbles...

Posted March 11
I will not say I am surprised. You liked "Last Ship" after all, and that show is a steaming pile of garbage. Good thing your taste in entertainment does not translate to your writing. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

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jl puts forth...

Posted March 11
I've not been in a theatre in a while, this film may do. Been curious about it since I saw the trailer.

John Birmingham reckons...

Posted March 11
It was good fun.

jl would have you know...

Posted March 12
Sold. Think I'll take my daughter this weekend.

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FormerlyKnownAsSimon ducks in to say...

Posted March 12
I take it you didn't take the kids? I'm finding that i give movies a better personal review if i watched it with the kids and they enjoyed it. If it gives them joy it notches my joy in the viewing experience up a few bars.

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HAVOCK21 mutters...

Posted March 12
mmm sounds god, though I must say , she is a little hippy, but that's no real draw back I guess..

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Leftarc mutters...

Posted March 12
Loved it. Took the daughter and she enjoyed it too (not as much as Wonder Woman, but I think that is due to more people knowing about Wonder Woman than Captain Marvel). Funny, clever, confused at first but understanding at the end. Ticked all the boxes.
And as a white, middle aged, middle to upper class, straight, married male I did not feel threatened by this film in anyway.
Also, I reckon she will be able to lift Thor's hammer in End Game. Captain America moved it, and we know what he was made from.

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she_jedi mumbles...

Posted March 12
I have to admit I was on board just for Nick Fury as Crazy Cat Gentleman, looking forward to this :)

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Barnesm puts forth...

Posted March 12
I caught it last weekend and enjoyed immensely, a delightfuly snarky, confident character. My favourite line was when she told Jude Law's character she owed him nothing.

For those that read the comics a lot of excellent easter eggs, including the Stan lee cameo, and its always satisfying to see Australia's Ben Mendelsohn in scifi films.

Looking forward to seeing her kick Thanos ass.

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Oldy ducks in to say...

Posted March 15
I saw it last Sunday. Loved it.

Coming at it from 45yrs of Marvel (and DC) comics nerddom, I did enjoy the spin on different characters and... things.

It's just a scratch!

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she_jedi ducks in to say...

Posted March 18
Now that I've seen it, it was awesome, and I loved it. Any movie where a cat is the MVP is instantly my new favourite :)

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