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The Onion schools the Syrian Electronic Army.

Posted May 8, 2013 into Funny by John Birmingham

The Onion's twitter feed got hacked by some of Bashar al Assad's internet butt monkeys, who used it to scream 'Death to Israel' to the jokester's near on five million slightly confused followers.

The Onion got control back and had some fun, tweeting stuff like 'We Were Going To Take Over The Onion Website, But It’s A Real Mess With All Those Ads | By The Syrian Electronic Army".

But this story, I thought, showed real elan. I'd have paid a pretty shekel to have seen their faces when they read it:

DAMASCUS, SYRIA—After hacking into The Onion’s Twitter account earlier today, members of the Syrian Electronic Army confirmed that the organization simply wanted to have a little fun before soon dying at the hands of rebel forces. “We figured that before they bust in here and execute every single one of us, we might as well have a good time and post some silly tweets about Israel from a major media outlet’s feed,” said a spokesperson from the pro-Assad group, adding that he and his cohorts “had a few good laughs” and are now fully prepared for their painful and undoubtedly horrific deaths in the coming days. “I mean, we definitely don’t have much time left, so we thought, hey, let’s just enjoy ourselves before getting blown away by rockets, decapitated, beaten to death, or hung during public executions. Why not, right?” At press time, violent screams and pleas for mercy were reportedly overheard as rebel troops broke into the Syrian Electronic Army’s hideout.

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Barnesm reckons...

Posted May 8, 2013

" Syrian Electronic Army’s hideout" I thought that was two guys in their mom's basement?

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DrYobbo puts forth...

Posted May 8, 2013

I actually thought the diatribe against the Onion's layout and popup ads was more pointed, felt like an open letter from the writers to the web developers to stop fucking with their site

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tqft would have you know...

Posted May 8, 2013

It is scary how I regard The Onion more highly than a number of other media outlets.

If you wanted to freak people out - hacking the onion and putting a peace breaks out story may just be more effective than any other outlet,

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