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Posted November 3, 2014 into House keeping by John Birmingham

A few minor tweaks to the old clubhouse coming up. I'll be talking to Dan later today about setting up a dedicated site to sell my books. It won't be my bookstore. Instead it'll send you off to your preferred and geographically appropriate online retailer.

I'll provide links to all the major sites, including Amazon. But for Australian online sales I'll be preferencing They have a very generous deal where they top up my royalty by 7.5%. My actual preference is that people get off their arses and walk down to their local independent bookshop, but that's not always possible. So I'd much prefer an Australian online bookshop get the sale rather than Amazon. Hence Booktopia. I'll investigate what deals the other chains are offering. But they'll need to match or beat that very generous top up.

Here at the Burger, the current banner ads will soon swap out for book related banners, I think Audible and A&R are among the first, but they wont become any more prominent than they are now. Dan's Civicnet banner will stay.

I want the bookshop site to be quite simple, but if anyone has particular things they'd like to see there, now is the time to lobby for them.

I've always meant to build a dedicated book site but I wanted to shake out the changes here first. When I had Dan renovate the Burger it was with a view to running it as a full time blog that could replace some of my media income. I built the traffic up to a point where I could have done just that, but it was a full time job. And I already have a full time job, writing books. I'd prefer to concentrate on that and make any online efforts supportive of the books, rather than competetive with my media work.

It won't mean radical changes here. I'll be increasing the frequency of posts as we draw close to launch day for Emergence and channeling more traffic in from Twitter. But that's about it.

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Murphy reckons...

Posted November 3, 2014
Will Americans be able to order Australian copies and have them shipped without paying half the airfare one would normally pay if they were to visit Oz?

I quite treasure the Australian copies that I have in my possession.

On the Outer Marches

John Birmingham mutters...

Posted November 3, 2014
I doubt it, Murph. Freight costs are always gonna be nasty.

Therbs puts forth...

Posted November 3, 2014
*psst* I may know how to do this on the very cheap

Murphy would have you know...

Posted November 3, 2014

Therbs has opinions thus...

Posted November 3, 2014
Remind me when they come out and we'll get it done.

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Halwes ducks in to say...

Posted November 3, 2014

Great idea. There are no bookshops within cooee of here. I just used bibliograph australia to get a first edition Leviathan for $69 including freight. I haven't got it yet but it looks like it's in great condition. Really looking forward to rereading it.

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Rob reckons...

Posted November 3, 2014
I buy my JBs from big W or Kmart. how well do they pay you? I was in dymocks today and saw a book I wanted but it was $45 , so I bought it from Book Depo for $30 as I walked down the street on my phone. Is this a bad thing? Does one big corporation deserve my sympathy over another?

John Birmingham would have you know...

Posted November 3, 2014
Rob, you buy it at the best price you can. A sale is a sale to me.

Rob mumbles...

Posted November 3, 2014
I still owe you a round for the 1penny UK Amazon buys of Leviathan and Falafel. That's about $7.50 down here.

damian mutters...

Posted November 3, 2014
I was in Townsville airport and Peter F. Hamilton's Great North Road was in the bookshop there. Huge friggin' thing, I was afraid to buy it because of what it meant carrying it onto the plane. So I bought the Amazon Kindle version on my phone while walking to the gate. Read a decent amount of it on the flight too.

ShaneAlpha is gonna tell you...

Posted November 4, 2014
Sad to say but I have seen Angels of Vengeance on the shelves of the everything $3.00 bookshop recently.

Bangar would have you know...

Posted November 4, 2014
I still have copies of AoT 2 and 3 that I got ridiculously cheap I believe Sibeen would like a sample.

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BigWillieStyle mutters...

Posted November 3, 2014
When I saw "Some Burger updates", I thought you must have discovered a cafe in Aspley or somewhere that sells Quintuple-Bacon Lard Deep Fried Hamburgers or something. I guess not.

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Darth Greybeard asserts...

Posted November 3, 2014
Speaking of updates, I have just returned from Twitterville where I found to my utter horror and dismay that JB finally has a blue tick. What can we taunt him about now? The Man Booker? Nah, just not the same. I am sad.

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damian ducks in to say...

Posted November 3, 2014
I spent over $200 in Avid last weekend, so not feeling that guilty about all the ebooks just now. It was mostly gifts, but a couple for home.

Seems I'm at the stage where I buy print books for other people as gifts far more often than I would for myself, though I might buy 2-3 ebooks a week at the high-water mark.

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