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Burger Lite: Back from the dead

Posted February 14, 2018 into Sport by John Birmingham

Dragged my worthless arse back to the gym today. I haven't exercised since mid-December. In my defence, I did manage to pick up a case of something called 'walking pneumonia' just before Christmas and have only just got the all clear from my doctor last week. It was a helluva thing. Hacking, coughing, spluttering, fever, chills, the whole ninety-nie snotty yards, for seven weeks.

I did a couple of courses of antibiotics, none of which seemed to help. In the end it sort of just burned itself out. Funny thing is, I'm still coughing. The doctor told me that my body has forgotten how to stop. Been taking some cough suppressant trying to give myself a break from it.

I got into a pretty good groove before all this too. I'd just finished the second bar of my brown belt grading for jujitsu. The ladies were travelling overseas. Apart from looking after Thomas all I had to do was write some words and look after myself.

Anyway, seven weeks later, I haven't stepped on the scales yet but I feel like I'm about three or four kg heavier.

Took it pretty easy today, on doctor's orders. Just half an hour on the elliptical trainer and a pretty mild session at that. I felt fine afterwards. We'll see how I shape up tomorrow. I'm really getting to that point in life where, when I put weight on, it really wants to stay.

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Bondiboy66 ducks in to say...

Posted February 15, 2018
That post sickness cough can hang around for ages...been there done that. I just waited it out. Getting back to the exercise is a bugger too, one becomes used to lazing about!

John Birmingham puts forth...

Posted February 15, 2018
One does indeed.

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Rob is gonna tell you...

Posted February 15, 2018
Wife and I are doing the 5-2 fasting diet thingo. I've lost 5 kilos or more already, she is at nearly 7 or more gone. It really does work. And interestingly, kills your appetite for the rest of the week, so you become more mindful of what you're eating and are able to make conscious decisions about what and when you want to eat. Downside is , those Lean Cuisine low Kj meals are fricken awful. Only 23 kilos to go, at this rate I should lose that by July.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted February 16, 2018

NBlob has opinions thus...

Posted February 16, 2018
Madness. Respect, but madness. If I lost 23 kilos, there'd be less of me around and I like me.

Rob asserts...

Posted February 19, 2018
my middle aged spread really needs to go. I can feel my ankles and knees creak everytime I go up a flight of stairs

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jason reckons...

Posted February 19, 2018
I hear you.

Four kilos hanging around for almost a year now. Gonna have to address that real soon before i need top buy different clothes.

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Murphy_of_Missouri mutters...

Posted February 21, 2018
Been swimming 600 yards every morning before class in the campus pool five days a week. Meanwhile I've been using the home gym for lifting, concentrating on arms, shoulders, core, and legs.

If I have dropped the ball anywhere, it is heading to the community center or campus gym to do those things that my home gym can't.

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BALLS.104 TAKE THAT for data (N*Sync for the eye test)

Posted April 24, 2017 into Sport by beeso

The Doc and I talk how wrong we have been already about the NBA, the paralells between WSC and the current debacle happening in netball and how wrong the timing is for a womens sport to be screwing up. Then we laugh at the Knicks again and how even their fans won't buy our Knicks colourway T, before discussing the FA cup, ecenomic terrorism and YOU AIN'T GONNA ROOK US!

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NBlob is gonna tell you...

Posted May 4, 2017
Excuse me for a moment gents.
Economic Growth seems one of a very few measures of an administration. If our economy booms while other comparative nations' flounder it is cause for celebration. If .Au slumps while Canadians & Kiwis prosper we change tenants @ The Lodge.

It seems that every measure, standard, unit or benchmark is beset by those seeking to manipulate in some way for benefit. Remember the Chinese infant formula milk-powder contamination scam? That was people Optimising a % protein assay. VW taught TDi Golfs & Jettas to recognise the test bench and scam the pollution & fuel consumption tests. Bought a Sunbeam product recently? Nobody else has either. Thanks to Al Chainsaw Dunlop manipulating Corporate Performance measures. GFC was largely clever dicks manipulating credit ratings. For every Standard Measure there seems those who seek to manipulate it to their benefit.

I'm wondering what percent of Economic Growth, as measured by GDP, is new things made by clever people and how much is projections, models, speculative estimations. Like rice collectives in Mao's China It is in the interests of everyone, from entrepreneur to the Government of the Day for the most aspirational estimates to be locked in as firm forecasts. How will decades of cumulative optimism affect our economy?

NBlob ducks in to say...

Posted May 4, 2017
It would seem I dismiss the intangible, as if an idea was somehow less valuable than a thing. It is obvious that a thing of beauty and usefulness is an idea, or many ideas made tangible. Yet they are different. A thing has a reality, that the promise in an idea lacks.

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BALLS.102 Super Rugby: now 3/18ths less Super than advertised

Posted April 10, 2017 into Sport by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc get into drinking on holiday, learning tracks with Jacques, off-field spending, the Doc's diatribe, words without pictures, lapsed code fans, the Sportress' bad couple of decades, the roles of development leagues, European rugby, poor governance and pay TV in the absolute state of Super Duper Rugby, the other other (other) Tony Martin, the fable of the Brumbies, the tedium of code wars, corporate raiders, one-sport kids, Western Conference bracketology, Billy Donovan's party piece, Spurs picking their spots, DNP-Schedule, the Chris Paul Clause, LeBron wants you to know how much he doesn't care, taking offense at the MVP debate, East playoff matchups, why Fear The Deer?, reintegrating superstars, DPOY CBF, why SEN isn't short for SENsible and how the Ringer is failing Grantland's analytical legacy. After a week off due to biblical flooding, we had a lot to cover.

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BALLS.100 The BALLS Podcast 100th Episode Unspectacular

Posted March 27, 2017 into Sport by beeso

We crack open the secret to success in today's NBA - PB&J sandwiches and sliding into the DMs. Also this week: pay drivers and pink cars in F1, Snapper Rocks surf stories, going downhill in NZ's stinkiest town, Arsenal keeping the airborne banner industry aflight, Maxi gets a ton, Taumalolo gets ten, union might be cooked and the Supercars are unexpectedly woke. Get us on itunes HERE or listen on the web HERE.

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NBlob mumbles...

Posted March 27, 2017
Sorry Beeso & Doctor Yob, if you'll excuse a momentary threadjack.

Big Pharma, legacy media, banks, telcos, Oil&Gas, corporations period are like species in a Darwinian context. They adapt to best exploit their niche Or they fail. Some are dramatically swallowed whole by predatory finance, others quietly file for bankruptcy protection. The forces that define their niche include competitors, market preferences, costs of production, costs of capital & regulation. Of these, only the last is malleable. The shaping of that regulatory context - tax, employment, environment, product-safety is what politics is.
People who "opt out" or "are not interested in politics" or claim "both parties are the same, so it doesn't matter" seem at best ignorant, possibly apathetic or appallingly complicit.


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BALLS.71 F**k you Kitty, we're gonna spend the night outside

Posted August 23, 2016 into Sport by beeso

With Beeso off chasing his kids round northern NSW, guest host Adam returns to get things laughably wrong about sport (worth listening just for the olympic basketball prediction), why we suck at Test Cricket not here, olympians behaving badly and a cost benefit analysis of every gold medal.

Have a listen here or search for The Balls Podcast with Beeso and Dr Yobbo in your fine podcast player of choice.

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BALLS.66 Wide World of Spork

Posted July 18, 2016 into Sport by beeso

This week on The Balls Podcast, Beeso and The Doc pitch a new show, The Wide World of Sporks as well as farewelling Tim Duncan, the least interesting basketball personality ever, celebrate the Pakistan Cricket Team, talk TDF and tech and do our obligitory mention of bikes falling off hills.

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