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Balls 23. Once you go All Black, you never go back

Posted August 17, 2015 into World of Bollocks by John Birmingham

Recorded right after the test, and served up steaming warm to you for breakfast.

Get in the booth with Beeso and the Doc.

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Therbs has opinions thus...

Posted August 17, 2015
Whatever happened to the bloke they had last week? He was good.

John Birmingham mutters...

Posted August 17, 2015
He was too good. That's why they had to get rid of him.

Therbs swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted August 17, 2015
Prolly didn't know enough about NBA and talked too much tennis.

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beeso reckons...

Posted August 17, 2015
I left a vigorous iTunes review asking for his return. So I can get some sleep.

Adamhfoto puts forth...

Posted August 17, 2015
i haz no voice. That and beeso threatened to give me his firstborn.

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Rhino is gonna tell you...

Posted August 19, 2015
I listened once and Beeso offered to ship one of his brood to the U.S. Ostensibly to get closer to an NBA team.

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