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New York AAR

Posted February 11, 2009 by John Birmingham
Well, actually, there's still some action to go. I'm just about to walk up to Gabriel's, a really lovely Italian place just off Columbus Circle, but I'll fly out tomorrow morning so that'll be about it, unless, like the PM, I inexplicably find myself in a girly bar, with at least two beers under my belt, and dignity thrown to the wind.

Probably not, though.

I got some cultre in this morning, walking up through Central Park to the New York Hisotrical Society, which was hosting a Grant/Lee Civil War exhibit, which gave me an idea for a column lter this week. Popped upstairs to the Henry Luce collection of atistic thingummies, which gave me an idea for After America.

The Luce floor had an FDR exhibit too, which was a bonus, and some of the most striking folk art I've seen anywhere. Back across the Park to the Met, which was awesome, natrually, being the Met. I very much enjoyed the Classical Galleries and the Medieval collection. Bought a painting from an impoverished artists outside for my daughter's bedroom, and had a walk along 5th Avenue.

I'd been there on Monday, when I had a bowl of soup at what I though the famous Soup Nazi joint from Seinfeld, but which turned out to be a franchise. Still, the soup was excellent and I didn't get abused, which was even better. It was just across from the Library where I had a poke around and was very impressed by the Roman grandeur of the architecture yoked to the very enlightened civic ideal of an educated citizenry.

We seem to be working back in time here, so Sunday was notable for lunching with Murh and Trinity at the Carnegie Deli, where, I had been told by my driver on arriving in New York,

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