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Bungalow's one pot breakfast

Posted June 8, 2013 into Food & Drink by John Birmingham

Bungalow 4171 is a reasonably recent addition to the southside's meagre list of decent cafes. It's telling that it's a few minutes drive away from Oxford Street. Far enough to insulate it. There's something about that strip that... Oh, that's right. It sucks.

Apart from a couple of stand out venues, like the Oxford Street Bakery, home of the Portuguese custard tart we discussed a while back, and Mugged or The Deli for a coffee or quick bite, it's dire. So dire I wonder why so many people drive all the way over to drink and dine here. Especially if they go past Bungalow 4171 along the way.

Hit the brakes, stop to a screeching halt and back the fuck up, people. Especially if you're in the way of needing breakfast. This quiet little shack is one of best suburban secrets in Brisneyland. They do pretty much everything in house, including the sweet treats (below).

The huge tectonic slabs of golden buscuity goodness you can see there are actually scones, althought they remind me of old fashioned tea cakes. They're fresh baked each day in the back room kitchen and thump down in front of you with enough of a thud to know you're not going to need anything but a bevvy to knock them down. The coffee is always expertly done, and arrives with a little Hershey Kiss, just to make you feel that little bit guiltier about blowing your calorie count.

The breakfast menu ranges a lot wider than up market, remimagined egg-n-pig, but the up market, remimagined egg-n-pig is pretty fucking good. It's called the Bungalow one pot breakfast and reminds me of something you might get in First Class when you fly. (It's why I didnt include it in my review for Qantas. Might incite a riot down in cattle class.)

I believe I've already shared my philosophy about breakfast sausages. They are the standard by which you judge a cafe, and these are magnificent; slightly fiery chorizo chipolatas. Warm enough to wake up the taste buds, but not so spicey as to overwhelm the rest of the dish. There's a little pot of thick relish hiding between the cherry tomatoes and the milk jug in that photo, again made in-house. It really lifts the egg and bacon while the spinach lets you imagine you've done something good for yourself.

I'm kind of curious about how they pull all these elements together at once, because they'd cook at different rates. I'd place a small bet on the snags being part way done before their added to the mix, for instance. Possibly the bacon too, because it comes with a nicely crisped rind, while the eggs remained soft and even a little runny in the centre.

It was a hefty feed which left no room for one of those monster muffins. I suppose I'll have to go back.

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Dino not to be confused with asserts...

Posted June 8, 2013

Ha JB,

I beat ya this morning.

Hads me a 'Brekky wrap' from the local already.

I am quite full now.

I'll be sure to eat a substantial breakfast Saturdee Mornings before peering in here.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted June 8, 2013

Heh heh. I almost held off publishing this until early tomorrow. Next time i will.

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NBlob ducks in to say...

Posted June 8, 2013

Damn your eyes Bongingham. @ Breakfast O'Clock I was already working in the boat. As the southerly change came though I caught a teasing tantalising whiff of N**sa's Premier Nosheries. Did I stop for some much needed fortifying Pig & Egg (with a side of crispy fried breakfast spud) No, I grit my teeth & girt my loins and soldiered on. Now the proverbial horse has bolted. It is far too late in the day for any self respecting individual to sup on beans, bacon and other breakfast beneficence. Even your late rising urbanistas have moved from brunch-stadt into lunchville.

Another breakfast gone forever which will never plaque my arteries and elevate my blood pressure.

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Barnesm has opinions thus...

Posted June 8, 2013

So this is good for Brisbane, or just good?

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John Birmingham asserts...

Posted June 8, 2013


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Abe Frellman is gonna tell you...

Posted June 9, 2013

Is this place walking distance from the Hawthorn ferry stop?

John Birmingham reckons...

Posted June 9, 2013

About 10-15 mins at a guess. I walk the dog around there.

Abe Frellman mumbles...

Posted June 9, 2013

Cheers, Guv.

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Rhino reckons...

Posted June 9, 2013

Why are there VEGETABLES touching the good stuff on that plate? And where is the pecan waffle, maple syrup and sweet tea?

I've seen cooks shot at the Waffle House for using parsley as a garnish. No lie. And it was ruled justifiable homicide.

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