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I dips me lid to the prof

Posted June 16, 2013 into Books by John Birmingham

My thanks to Professor Bryan Gaensler for delivering up this weekend's freebie read, an edited chapter from his awesome book of thinky science things about the universe. Yes. The whole fucking universe. Today's extract is a roaring piece about the loudest sound never heard, and Extreme Cosmos is chockers with stuff like this that kids and teen geeks in particular would love.

It's probably also worth bookmarking for Father's Day

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BigWillieStyle would have you know...

Posted June 16, 2013

Meh. I don't care how many letters Bryan Gaensler has got after his name. I get all my sciencamatific knowledge from Alan Jones. Everyone knows the universe is not 13.8 billlion years old, and there was no Big Bang. It's all just leftist lefty leftard lefty hogwash, designed to cover up the fact that we'll soon be ruled by One World Order, and all of our income will go directly to single mothers and drug addicts.

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