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Zombie panel highlights

Posted July 19, 2013 into Lunch Time Video by John Birmingham

Four minutes. Tops.

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Murphy puts forth...

Posted July 19, 2013

The optimal World War Z Army would have to be any Army on the Western Front during World War I.

Bayonets? Check.

Ranged capability? Check.

Hand to hand ability? Check.

In fact, I suspect German Storm Troopers of the late war would probably fare best followed by the Marines attached to the U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division.



On the Outer Marches

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w from brisbane would have you know...

Posted July 19, 2013

Zombie "Live Feed".
Oh, stop it.

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Blarkon is gonna tell you...

Posted July 19, 2013

I wonder how far Birmo has to go before he gets to the point where he's just wearing a dressing gown for these things.

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JG ducks in to say...

Posted July 19, 2013

'It's not a matter of if, but when, folks.'

Do not panic, people. Stay cool and remember, we all have to die. Just not by zombie stealth, I hope.

In the meantime, happy living and don't let any stragers bite you.

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damian is gonna tell you...

Posted July 19, 2013

Speaking of Z, Birmo I'm sure I spotted you shuffling, blank-eyed down Wharf St at lunchtime today. I was in a rush, didn't stop and wave. Sorry 'bout that.

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted July 19, 2013

Yeah, that was prolly me. I had a sandwich at Pourboy.

damian has opinions thus...

Posted July 20, 2013

Well you know my gaze was drawn by your eyes and the look of incredulity and horror in them before I recognised it was you. Everything okay there big fella?

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dewpoint is gonna tell you...

Posted July 20, 2013

Bloody hell I've just checked out cordyceps, Mr Supplements makes extraordinary claims of them, i think theyre growing in the back paddock, not sure whether I should be pleased or scared

Very cool pod grasp btw

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