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John Ringo introduces a new series with Under a Graveyard Sky

Posted September 8, 2013 into Books by John Birmingham

I'd been following Mister Ringo's progress on this book avidly, as much a fanboy as any... well, any fanboy. I loved his Posleen invasion series and can't wait to see what he does to shambling hordes of the undead.

He's been kind enough to write a little intro for us. So I'll let him take over.

John Ringo writes:

The Black Tide series, essentially complete with four books written at this point, draws upon a lecture and essay I occasionally give titled 'The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse' combined with my utter distaste for most 'zombie apocalypse' stories as well as most post-apocalypse stories. The essence of this lecture is that given various factors related to microbiology, some researcher creating a 'zombie virus' in the near future is a given. There are too many reasons to do so (notably notoriety and the inevitable grants that result from it). The technology is already here. 28 Days Later has gone from 'unobtainium' to 'doable.' So how do you respond? What zombie plan actually makes sense? And what do you do if you've survived?

What you do if you've survived is save the damn world. Not drive around acting like a loon.

The Black Tide Series (first book: Under a Graveyard Sky, Sept. 2013, Baen) focuses on one family's response after getting early warning of the deliberate release of such a virus: The Smith Family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia (15) and Faith (13) activate their prepared 'biological apocalypse' plan by taking to sea in a sailboat.

I was extremely impressed by Mister Birmingham's 'Without Warning' (I do NOT impress easily when it comes to sci-fi action novels) and in straight bow to the author, Steve is a naturalized American citizen, born in Australia and a former Aussie Para. I doubt I can write an Australian character as well as Mr. Birmingham wrote Americans but I tried.

The first part of book details their experiences as part of a clandestine and illegal vaccine production group based in NYC. The climactic battle takes place during the Fall in New York where they attend 'The Last Concert' in New York's Washington Square Park and have to fight their way out when NYC suffers its final blackout.

The second part of the book is about beginning rescue operations at sea and the initial formation of Wolf Squadron, the group that begins the slow process of returning the world to civilization. This culminates in the clearance of the 'mega-ship' cruise liner Voyage Under Stars.

Four books are complete in the series, Under a Graveyard Sky, (Sept. 2013, Baen) To Sail a Darkling Sea, (tentatively March, 2014) Islands of Rage and Hope and Strands of Sorrow. The first two are already scheduled and the others will probably be following at quarterly or biannual release. Graveyard Sky is currently available from Baen's eBook page as an electronic Advanced Reader's Copy.

The same page includes sample chapters which carry on well into the New York portion and clarify various aspects of the science of the virus. (Which is not 'unobtainium.') The book is about people who competently, ruthlessly and proactively respond to an apocalypse then turn right around and start rebuilding.

They do not give in to despair. They do not care only for themselves. And they will not bow.

Nightwish' 'Last Ride of the Day' is the theme song of this series.

Riding the day every day into sunset

Finding the way back home.

Over time various snippets from all three books have been posted, mostly on Facebook.

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Sudragon swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted September 8, 2013

I purchased the EARC when i saw it go up. Buy this. Read this.

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Hooper reckons...

Posted September 8, 2013

I'm a fan of John Ringo's work. I've read most of them and I'll be getting this as soon as its released (not ARC, I've made that mistake once before). But, I do have some reservations. I've found Ringo's books can be a little hit and miss. When he works with somone else he can be great. Case in point the Empire of Man series he wrote with David Weber. But when he writes by himself he can go a little off the deep end.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this!

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Paul_Nicholas_Boylan is gonna tell you...

Posted September 9, 2013

I detest Mr. Ringo's work (to much action and adventure; not enough Proustian contemplation and reminiscence) and only read it so as to fit in with the crowd I run with. I also suspect that "Ringo" is not his real name, and that he is hiding something.

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Murphy mutters...

Posted September 9, 2013

Perhaps that he is educated?




On the Outer Marches

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Paul_Nicholas_Boylan would have you know...

Posted September 9, 2013

His series referencing obscure works by Lewis Carroll tipped me off to that.

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BigWillieStyle reckons...

Posted September 9, 2013

Meh. I prefer Paul George's books.

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sapphyre is gonna tell you...

Posted September 9, 2013

JB, thanks for posting this. I *love* John Ringo's work and will add this to my must-read list. I'm sure a million others are on the hold list at the library, but if I get desperate I have a Kindle now :)

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BrianC puts forth...

Posted September 10, 2013

I was lucky enough to be a beta read for this series. Its been an interesting experience. I can honestly say that this is return(for me) to what makes Johns writing so excellent, a real tour de force of bomb, bro's and babes. Its good stuff people. I've already read it and ill be buying it.

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Rhino mutters...

Posted September 11, 2013

Read the e-Arc. Dug it deeply. Frothing for the next one.

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DDR4168 reckons...

Posted May 31, 2014
I am an avid fan of John Ringo. Have read every other series to date, but I refuse to start this one until he finishes the others. Looking Glass, unfinished, Troy - unfinished, Legacy of the aldenata - unfinished. I will not read another series only to find it too unfiinished

walt mutters...

Posted July 16, 2015
I agree, unfortunately he's not listening. Good news is there are a lot of military sci/fi writers out there!

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Paul_Nicholas_Boylan swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted May 31, 2014
Some series should never finish. For example, David Brin's Uplift series. It should have ended with Startide Rising, rather than degenerate into the silliness that the sequels displayed.

And let's face it: the film series from The Matrix should have ended with the first film. The sequels ruined it.

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Dino not to be confused with has opinions thus...

Posted May 31, 2014
I had three 'Mental Health registred Nurses" arrive at my house yesterday. One of them later turned out to be a Doctor. You wonder about my Paranoia and Distrust?
Anyhoo they were concerned about my 'in ya face posts' at The Flash.
I mentioned that yes they were horrific but less horrific than the Australian casualties in Afghanistan. I asked them how many Australians(let alone other Nationalities) had perished in the conflict.
They didn't know.
But they did know I wrote some crazy shit on your blog.
I asked them about priorities.
They're just doing their job Captain, just doing their job.
I asked them for a source of complaint about my writings.
They didn't know who complained.
They didn't know who.
Anyhoo I said if the Health Department is more concerned with me than all the other shit in the World then 'How good is the World?'.
Honestly if you're more worried about me than the "Real Shit".
Losers you have got a problem...

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted May 31, 2014
You posted at The Flash?

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M.Whelan ducks in to say...

Posted December 17, 2015
First book I've ever read on a tablet. I am getting a sore wrist from constantly swiping the pages...the action moves along at a brisk pace. I didn't know it was a series until I swiped and it said to be continued...Luckily the other books are already published and I can download them in the middle of the night if need be, but I think I'll just buy the other three right now as I am sure they will go fast. Really enjoying the military action and scenarios in a different format than usual. I will check back after each book.

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