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Posted October 26, 2013 into Spartacast by John Birmingham

Well, it took a while thanks to book deadlines and swapping over to my new computer, but Episode 16 of the poddy is out.

This week we discuss GTA V and Agents of Shield.

"You told me there would be extra cup holders."

The mighty mighty Hoods take us in and out.

They sell their shit here.

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Blarkon puts forth...

Posted October 26, 2013

Sheild seems to have a very similar structure to the recently cancelled "Warehouse 13" - that is an artefact/superpower of the week.

One thing that will be tricky for Shield - especially when you have the new Captain America trailer showing multiple helicarriers and insane resources - is that the team probably aren't going to be dealing with "End of the World" type events. Only because if they were, they'd call in the big guns rather than this small regional team. (at least with Warehouse 13 the characters were the "big guns"). "Look the world is going to end, but we don't have time to disturb Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hulk, or Iron Man".

They live in a world of superheroes and in a time of wonders - but they are basically pawns rather than rooks, knights, bishops and queens.

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted October 26, 2013

But handled the right way that's a great set up for a series.

John Birmingham swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted October 26, 2013

A bit like 'Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern are Agents of SHIELD'.

Bangar has opinions thus...

Posted October 26, 2013

Higher than pawns, you can sacrifice pawns, but they're certainly not King or Queen.

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Blarkon puts forth...

Posted October 26, 2013

The original intent of "The West Wing" was to do an "underlings of the White House" type show - except when they tested the pilot with audiences, the audience wanted stories about the President. Rob Lowe was meant to be the star of the show. It ended up being Martin Sheen.

I agree that a 'Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern of Shield' would be great - but I also suspect 'narrative mission creep' will pose a substantial challenge.

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she_jedi asserts...

Posted October 27, 2013


Hacker Girl irritated me in the 3rd episode, when she went undercover to the estate of the world domination guy, and proceeded to touch her ear every time she communicated with the team back on the plane. FFS has she not seen Casino Royale?? Does she not realise that raising your hand to your earpiece all the tim is a rookie mistake that will get everyone on your team killed? James Bond wouldn't have bothered to teach her how to disarm a bad guy with a gun if she couldn't master that basic piece of tradecraft. Rubbish!

Rob puts forth...

Posted October 31, 2013

did hacker girl do alot of typing while 'hacking'? (haven't seen the show, I've been following Ink Master and Bad Ink)

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Barnesm is gonna tell you...

Posted October 28, 2013

having been fooled a couple fo times with new series that in the first couple of episodes weren't very good, but went on to awesome I have been watching Marvel Agents of Shield and I think its starting to hit its stride trying to balance the demands of fanboys who want them to reference every single item in the 70+ years of marvel backstory and new fans picked up from the recent movies.

Angel for me really took off with the episode 10 of the first seaso, Parting gifts' when Westley shows up. The stuff that sets joss Whedon's work apart from other series for me is the sense of whimsy.

In the first episode this was provided by injecting agent Whitebread with the truth serum and letting fauxhacker girl question him.

Also it follows the rules io9 set out for a TV series with a ridiculous concept to work

  1. Make your characters likeable.
  2. Have the characters take the ridiculousness seriously and realistically.
  3. Don’t make your characters stupid.
  4. Play by the rules you’ve set. (this will be hard for MAoS since the Marvel Universe has a history of being able to change the rules with the into of a new character example the House of M series
  5. PACING.
  6. Don’t focus on unnecessary shit (which is the danger of fanservice in this series)
  7. When in doubt, go crazier.

I want to see someone play GTA-5 in total stealth mode, like reaching the highest level in world of warcraft without killing anyone.

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Murphy asserts...

Posted October 29, 2013

"So, did you shoot him? In the face?"

You could make a drinking game out of this podcast. Everytime John asks that question, one must down a shot.

After you shoot someone. In the face.



On the Outer Marches

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Moko is gonna tell you...

Posted October 31, 2013

GTA V is on the cusp of being dead on console two months after release even being as brilliant as it is except for the GTA fan freaks. It's shits me that if you want real coin you have to glitch money. Even the shark cards aren't up yet. Why the fuck not?

New Xbone will make it redundant for me. Too many exciting games coming out soon. Loved Red Dead. About the only single player game I've finished.

Shield. It's entertaining me. I don't hang out for eps though.

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