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At first it's uncomfortable, and then it's hilarious

Posted April 24, 2014 into Lunch Time Video by John Birmingham

Sex in the same room as your parents. On HBO. has a whole bunch of them.

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insomniac has opinions thus...

Posted April 24, 2014

Over Christmas and New Year when Ms insomniac's 20-something daughter was staying with us, just about every movie we watched together on the teev had racks (I'm assuming that is the collective noun) of boobs, and copious quantities of rooting. As a man, I didn't really care, but I gather the others found it uncomfortable at first, and afterwards, still uncomfortable; never hilarious.

Dave W has opinions thus...

Posted April 24, 2014

I have this problem with HBO as well. Racks as a substitute for plot. Not that I mind, but it can be hard to convince Mrs W that a series is worthy of our time commitment because of its multi-layered *cough* story telling.

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w from brisbane mumbles...

Posted April 24, 2014

Yep, but it's no joke. Nude people copulating. You don't notice how frequent that scene is in popular entertainment until you have a daughter.
TV shows, movies. Mainstream entertainments.
Naked woman on top, pumping, and moaning 'Oh, Oh, Give it to me.'
Gee whiz, it could be just an ad.
I just say, "I think I'm too old to be watching this program." and quietly exit.

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Rhino ducks in to say...

Posted April 25, 2014

Forget HBO ... it is getting preety rough on the networks ... the wife and I were binge watching the first season of The Americans and one scene had their 14 year old daughter walk into the married protagonists bedroom without knocking and finding her parents, not doing the dance of the camel with 2 backs, but in a laying on their sides, across the bed, doing 69 with the man with his back to the camera and blocking the woman with man tush in full view. The hilarious part was when the wife's head, errrr, bobbed up from behind the husband's legs in surprise.


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pi asserts...

Posted April 25, 2014

As a person with a recently house leaving 20-something girl, that never bothered me. Sex... not sure what the hang-up is.

At least it's not ugly people fucking. When that happens... THEN it's hilarious.

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Halwes mumbles...

Posted April 27, 2014

"At first it's uncomfortable, and then it's hilarious" could be the description of NT politics at the moment. The three bush MLA's led by Brown snake Anderson have skipped out of the Country Liberal Party and have now joined Palmers United Party. This is really going to be hilarious. If incompetent, corrupt government wasn't so hugely expensive for the rest of us it would be a really fine piece of theatre. Anderson comes from Alice Springs which is a violent, corrupt dump of a place whose main claim to fame is the low IQ of it's inhabitants. Alice would have to be the biggest scam perpetrated on foreign tourists ever.

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