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Some thoughts on working too much

Posted June 10, 2014 into Blunty by John Birmingham

There's a couple of things about the recent budget move to raise the retirement age to 70 that nobody is talking about. The number of workers aged over 50 who just can find work anyway because they're considered well past it.

But also the intensity of the work experience now. The way the so called work-life balance has tipped decisively in favour of work instead of life.

In a moment of delicious irony, I filed a Blunty about this very late last night.

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JG ducks in to say...

Posted June 10, 2014
Seems to me that there is an imbalance in the workforce: either some people work too much, while others can't get enough work, if any.
As you said, JB, many people over 50 are considered 'past it' and they struggle to find a job. So many employers also have unrealistic expectations of years of specific experience for potential employees, even in base-level jobs, let alone in professional jobs.
The $10,000 carrot the Abbott government is introducing to hire workers over 50 is staggered over two years. An employer will get a couple of thousand after three months, a couple more a few months later of taking on an over-50 employee, etc.
Given the long time it takes to reap the $10,000 bonus, and the amount of unemployed youth who may be favoured over employing 'oldies', I don't think the bonus will do much good.
Pity more work can't be spread around: less hours for a greater number of people. I guess it comes down to irrational economics and a bottom dollar mentality: profit over people, patience, training, the cost of overheads, and leave.

JG ducks in to say...

Posted June 10, 2014
^ above should read '...lack if patience and training...'

Dino not to be confused with reckons...

Posted June 10, 2014
I've always advocated a four day working week.
Vote for me!
Productivity will improve!
Unemployment will improve!
Health will improve!

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WarDog mutters...

Posted June 10, 2014
Where's everyone entrepreneurial spirit? I'm thinking about employing both my parent in a new startup and splitting the $10,000 with them.

I predict a sharp uptake in the number of micro businesses employing over 50s. They might be a net drain on the federal coffers and may not actually produce any products or services, but look at all the new businesses. That's got to be good for the economy, right?

Dino not to be confused with ducks in to say...

Posted June 10, 2014
I'll be fifty in a few months.
If you can spot me the 10 000 dollars I'll go to Thailand and become a Woman.
When I get back IVF will give me 15 000 to have a baby.
Then I will expect 6 months off on 50% of my wage.
If you just give me 2000 dollars cash I will not proceed...
Either that or a really big television.

JG has opinions thus...

Posted June 10, 2014
Startup business and employ your parents. Terrific idea, WarDog.

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Dave W is gonna tell you...

Posted June 10, 2014

My guess is that the working conditions for a whole bunch of sedentary middle class office drones are going to cause a whole bunch of health problems. Get outside, ride to work, go for a run at lunchtime, play touch football. All of these things will make the day go better and improve the work that we do anyway.

But if the boss works all day every day, then there can be a lot of pressure implied to always be available.

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Rob ducks in to say...

Posted June 10, 2014
I need saving from my office drone job. I earn way too much and do too little. It makes me feel guilty when I see people who work hard and get paid less than me. These golden handcuffs.....

insomniac mumbles...

Posted June 10, 2014
Rob? Are you me?

Rob asserts...

Posted June 11, 2014

or sharing the same stage in a Kafkaesque nightmare.

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Halwes would have you know...

Posted June 11, 2014

Cut it out you two. I'm three quarters the way through reading Crime and Punishment again, after a thirty year break, and the whole "is Raskolnikov dreaming or isn't he? " thing is doing my head in yet again. At least this time I've got a russian friend who has explained the crazy way russian christian and family names work.

insomniac asserts...

Posted June 12, 2014
I did that a couple of months ago by audio book. I hadn't tried C&P in paper form but I imagine audio is a good way in to Russian stodge. Trouble is you can't see the names (or is that a good thing) and multiple names within families and characters can do your head in. The narrated voices helped keep track of people. Good story though. Keeps you on edge right up to the end.

Halwes mutters...

Posted June 12, 2014

Here is how I understand it. Rodion Romonavich Rasklnikov is Rodya ( pet name) to his mother and sisters and Raskolnikov is the surname of the male whereas the sisters and mothers surname is Raskolnikova. The mother is called Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikova. Where I got really confused was when the sister Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikovna came into the story. Up until that point she had been referred to as Dounia or Dounushka and I thought that they were separate people but Dounia is the mothers and brothers pet name for Avdotya as Rodya is the pet name for Rodion. Gees it must be confusing being Russian. I did my head in years ago reading The Gulag archipeligo and A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch and didn't intend going back for a second bite but you are right, C&P is a terrific read if you can follow the characters names.

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