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I will be forever grateful to Mr Strong Choices

Posted July 22, 2014 into Blunty by John Birmingham

When you're on deadline, without time to waste on blogging, he always come through.

At Blunty.

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BigWillieStyle reckons...

Posted July 22, 2014

Off topic. I bought a hardback copy of "Leviathan" from my local library yesterday. Fifty cents, it was. In the discarded pile out the front.

Are you entitled to a royalty?

insomniac mumbles...

Posted July 22, 2014
Not sure about the royalty, but surely JB is entitled to some dignity

w from brisbane ducks in to say...

Posted July 22, 2014
Checking on the online catalogue, the Brisbane library service still retains 7 copies of Leviathan, plus an electronic copy.
Which is an amazing accolade to JB's writing. Because obviously, it couldn't be the subject matter.

Rob puts forth...

Posted July 23, 2014

My beautiful top condition second hand copy of Leviathan arrived yesterday from jolly ole England. It cost one whole penny and 4 pound postage. be great if JB comes down to Hobart sometime soon,it will be my shout to make up for the lack of royalties.

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pitpat is gonna tell you...

Posted July 22, 2014
Ah Newman, the gift that keeps on giving

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Therbs asserts...

Posted July 22, 2014
Queensland - A Game of Cletuses

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Quokka asserts...

Posted July 22, 2014
Therbs - Game of Drones, more like it.
I heard Canned Ooh on 612 yesterday muttering about mending fences or some such with the judiciary. I assume he'll use razor wire.

damian puts forth...

Posted July 22, 2014
Game of Thongs. Because there are so many places to which one should not go, and this lights the way with blazing neon.

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Legless ducks in to say...

Posted July 22, 2014
Just heard that Mr Strong Choices is going to redouble his efforts in Queensland.

You poor, poor bastards......

Sharky is gonna tell you...

Posted July 22, 2014
Hi Legless
OT, but can u check your PM at the SP?


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MickH puts forth...

Posted July 22, 2014
I admit it.
I voted for Newman (but Labor won my seat)
I was over Bligh and her dysfunctional gang.
I wanted to give Can-do a go, you know, just to see how he'd go.
Holy shit!
I didn't expect:
The arrogance!
The bullying!
The attack on our Medical system!
The attack on our Judiciary system!
The fascism!!
The 'over-the-top' approach to dealing with bike gangs!
Pink jumpsuits? OMG! grow up!!

And don't get me started on the Federal fuckwits and NO I didn't vote for Abbott.
I Hate Abbot on many levels, I have for some time. When he became Prime Minister it was a case of Homer's 'Noooooooooooo' for me.

I'm seriously concerned with the turn Australian politics has taken towards the extreme right. Are these guys that out of touch with the average Aussie? Christ! its like we have aliens governing us. Certainly not Australians. or the typical Australian that I know.

I am so concerned that I am thinking of giving up my swinging voter status and joining the Labor party. (its only 5 bucks!)

We have to get this country back on track so many of us have to give up our Australian apathy and do something about it.

insomniac mutters...

Posted July 22, 2014
Ms insomniac turned to the labor party last year. I would too but I don't get to vote

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tqft ducks in to say...

Posted July 22, 2014
Gonna be tougher from 1 August when new standards from the Australian press Council apply.
While I am sure you could take their wet lettucing if you cross the line, Fairfax lawyers may not be so forgiving

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Anthony asserts...

Posted July 22, 2014

New LNP slogan:

Making it even more Queensland!!!

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ShaneAlpha ducks in to say...

Posted July 22, 2014

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ShaneAlpha asserts...

Posted July 22, 2014
Birmo for PM!

(because, hey, in an alternate reality he's King)

A Bunny in every lap and a gold plated hovercraft in every garage!

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ShaneAlpha puts forth...

Posted July 22, 2014
I'm starting to miss being stalked by Strong Choices on Twitter.
It was like going to High School with the bastard all over again.

There was Strong Choices, hanging out behind the bike shed, having a smoke.
There was Strong Choices, demanding lunch money with menaces.
And there, proudly, stood Strong Choices, king of wedgies, dead arms and swirlies.

God I hated that prick.

MickH is gonna tell you...

Posted July 23, 2014
Did you go to school with Can-Do?

ShaneAlpha mutters...

Posted July 23, 2014
No. Was trying to humorously point out that , to me, the Strong Choices campaign made me fell like I was in high school, a target for a bully. Particularly the way it Twitter stalked you.

I have, however, met the man once at a public event. Like any other similar situation, it's courtesy all round because there's no point being a dick.

It's like meeting Birmo, you don't want to come across as a twat.

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BigWillieStyle puts forth...

Posted July 23, 2014
Bill O'Chee presents the other side of the story in today's Brisbane Times. Newman strong, Labor weak, Newman possibly greatest man ever born, Labor rack up debt for the fun of it, that sort of thing. Sheesh.

Now if you'll pardon me, I'm off to the penis enlargement people. It's the only way I can land my dream girl, Jacqui Lambie.

Darth Greybeard mumbles...

Posted July 23, 2014
Tough (strong?) choice there BWS. She also likes 'em rich so don't pay too much for the apinnadicktomy.

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Quokka puts forth...

Posted July 23, 2014
Let's not forget the superquarry they plan to foist upon the community at Tallebudgera. 300m from the nearest residence, in the middle of a wildlife habitat.

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