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"Call Mister Morrison to the stand..."

Posted September 9, 2014 into Blunty by John Birmingham

The Queensland Coroner will investigate the death of an asylum seeker.

At Blunty.

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BigWillieStyle has opinions thus...

Posted September 9, 2014

In February 2008, newly elected MP Scott Morrison made his maiden speech in Parliament, in which he stated his admiration for Desmond Tutu and William Wilberforce. He also made a passionate declaration that Australia should provide more aid to Africa.

As time went by, and his party lurched further to the right under the leadership of Toned Abs, the Morrison of February 2008 morphed into the snarling, arrogant, inhumane ideologue we know and love today. JB, I very much doubt Morrison is about to receive a lesson in humility. If called before the Coroner, he will deny, obfuscate, blame the ALP, obfuscate some more, possibly make reference to Team Australia, get shouty, deny again, fail to recall certain conversations, then receive tummy rubs from Alan Jones and the Murdochracy.

These people are beyond redemption.

John Birmingham reckons...

Posted September 9, 2014
Sigh. Yeah. I know. But you gotta give people some hope.

damian ducks in to say...

Posted September 9, 2014
Morrison was a year or two ahead of me at high school, so around 5 years after Bedes. Have speculated with others on the merits of luring with a faux reunion, getting him blind drunk and leaving him naked in Martin Place with a roll of $100 notes in his arse. But frankly that sort of thing is bollocks when proper legal sanctions are available as may be the case if the coroner is allowed to go further without political interference. Not a thing to be especially hopeful about with the present state govt either I suppose.

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Surtac asserts...

Posted September 9, 2014

What Big Willie said.

These sleazebags will find a way to slither out from under any form of accepting responsibility or accountability for their actions or inactions.

And in other news a connection from Credlin to ICAC. Well, there's a surprise. Not.

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Dave W reckons...

Posted September 9, 2014
I love the derpy people who say that someone cuts their own foot, it's their own problem. Bah. So what that they were in custody and therefore are reliant on someone else providing medical attention. Damn I get depressed at how the world must be black and white because Derpy McDerp says it must be.

BigWillieStyle mutters...

Posted September 9, 2014
Just been reading the communtz over at Blunty. Plenty of Derpy McDerps with something to say, and quite a few Fuckwit McDipshits as well. Basically, "Hey, Ruddgillard personally drowned 1,000 people at sea, so this death doesn't even count and anyway the guy was here illegally and I'm an insular redneck who's never left my own suburb let alone the country" seems to cover 98% of the thoughts being expressed. Only with bad grammar and lamentable punctuation thrown in. Fuck! When did this country become so bloody nasty?

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Lulu asserts...

Posted September 9, 2014
Cannot stand the man.

Unfortunately it's his name (I think?) at the bottom of my citizenship certificate. If I didn't actually need the document, I would 'accidentally' singe that part of it on the gas stove.

insomniac asserts...

Posted September 9, 2014
That is a most excellent reason for me not taking out my citizenship in the near term.

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