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Fear and Loathing Comix

Posted June 28, 2015 into Comics by John Birmingham

I have already pre-ordered this bad boy. A graphic novel of the good doctor's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Seems odd at first, given the integral role of Ralph Steadman's drug fucked illustrations to the original text, and the twisted beauty of Hunter S. Thompson's prose. How could it work.

I dunno. But I'm willing to take a small plunge on finding out.

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dweeze puts forth...

Posted June 28, 2015
Back when JB was penning Felafel, and I was conducting parallel research into out there share house living, this was my number one tome. I reckon that I've had more than a dozen copies over the years but I keep giving them away to enlighten the unenlightened. Like The Princess Bride, I can pretty much quote it verbatim. Sad, I know. It took me many years to brave the Depp / Gilliam film version and I was pleasantly surprised. Here's hoping that the graphic novel maintains the rage in its own special way...

"...there's nothing more depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge." Ne'er a truer truth been told.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted June 28, 2015
You remind me I am long past overdue to replace my last copy.

Therbs reckons...

Posted June 29, 2015
Buggered if I know what happened to my last copy of F&L. Those things get nabbed faster than an outrage storm swampsTwitter.

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Rob puts forth...

Posted June 29, 2015
Theres a sequel to Fight Club that's come out as a comic book (or graphic novel if you want to be a grown up.) But I'm waiting to get it as a complete book, its a little too pricey to buy monthly. I bought this a few months back its a book called Punk Rock Jesus , a very entertaining read.

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Halwes mutters...

Posted June 30, 2015

I just finished reading Hell's Angels. I'd avoided it for years because I thought it may have been a celebration of idiots, and I was never very happy with the way that the Angels lined up with the right over Vietnam, however it was a pretty truthful account of the times. I only picked it up because there was a 3 penguins for $20 sale in Dymocks in Sydney. I also got The Trial by Kafka which I'd been meaning to read for years and I'm halfway through now. Next one is The Grapes of Wrath. Not bad for $20 bucks

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