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BALLS.48 Get in the sea bin

Posted March 15, 2016 into Sport by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss lullabies to paralyse, I Want To Believe, tractor boys, chasing rings, upstairs downstairs, ice bath challenges, ballers on the piss, shooting like a small child, the Luke Walton Sweepstakes, Rotorua's full of wankberks, Warney vs Waleed, super Hornets, the Quiky Pro, power ranking 21 years of terrible Warriors footy jumpers, Graham gets the Dick, Billy Walletless, Special Snowflake Syndrome and the Samurai Pizza Cats. If you think you can do better, then we'll leave it up to you.

Shouts to the other sports pods we name-dropped (Athletico Mince, Full Credit To The Boys and Oh Errol), and to @nyonyua and his favourite team's gaffer for inspiring the sea bin. #LVGIn - By Dr Yobbo

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