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BALLS.49 The plaything of morons

Posted March 22, 2016 into Sport by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc talk proper pre-pod preparation (preventing piss-poor performance), Chris Walker T-Marts, Seppos in chambray, the generation gap, a score and a game clock (...two bits!), where you from, Mick Fanning's life turns into a crappy country music song, the Doc crushes on Tyler Wright, the Elites are sleek, park life, the world's test kitchen, missing Link, Pay Per Avoid, ducks and Foxes, Spurs v Dubs: For The First Time Since The Last Time, March Pointless, blame it on the Boogie, club vs country, Agaarrghhh, Dank memes, Bandanna Man, Failfax and everyone hates sloppy landings.

2 Responses to ‘BALLS.49 The plaything of morons’

DarrenBloomfield asserts...

Posted March 22, 2016
Crap - I posted in wrong thread! Delete with relish Mr B!

NBlob asserts...

Posted March 22, 2016
Nyuk nyuk nyuk

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