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West End Growing Pains

Posted April 12, 2016 into Blunty by beeso

Governments in QLD have the architectural responsibility from changing Brisbane from a big version of Gympie to a modern working city. Sometimes they get it wrong.


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NBlob would have you know...

Posted April 12, 2016

"Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings {& moral outrage} for there is none of that name but god {and property developers}, whom heaven and earth and sea obey. King Knut 995-1035

There are examples of the densification of population that work well for all affected, the shop-keep gets more customers, the transport infrastructure works betterer and residents get somewhere pleasant & appropriate to live with space for art & community & play and and and. However this requires considerable involvement (see $) by planning authorities; community engagement, collaborative design, greenspacing and creativity aint free you know. Far cheaper & easier to throw it to the developers and trust The Market to sort it out.

Unfortunately The Market is driven by ROI, not liveability.

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Des would have you know...

Posted April 12, 2016
As a southsider, it occurred to me only the other day that there are two refuges left for the fringe dwellers of my era (and i include myself in that category), namely West End, and the humble but earthy Stones Corner, which perhaps of all the inner city hubs, is least affected by the anonymous modern makeovers which have rendered places like Balmoral and New Farm so stultifyingly dull. I note though that this last bastion is about to be overwhelmed by the tide, with a number of high rise apartment complexes going up between there and the Wooloongabba five ways. Brisbane has become one of the most atomised and disconnected places i have experienced, and i live close to the 'thick' of things. it will only get worse.

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Des reckons...

Posted April 12, 2016
the shortsightedness of town planning has its living embodiment in the large but young fig tree outside the Stones Corner pub. locals of a certain age will remember it replaced a rather hideous hourglass fountain, built in the early seventies...on the site of a large old fig tree, which and stood there since the 19th century.

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