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One. More. Sleep

Posted April 24, 2016 into Telly by girlclumsy

Greetings, Burgers and Beloved Throners!

There is just one more sleep until Game of Thrones Season Six is unleashed on the world with the kind of terrifying passion I would unleash on Jon Snow if only he would let me.

I'm so thrilled to be writing my Raven On recaps here on Cheeseburger Gothic, a blog I've followed ever since I met JB in 2007.

If you'd have asked my teenaged self, giggling at her favourite book The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco, whether a mere *cough cough* years later, she would be writing deep, mature analysis on a worldwide phenomenon on that same author's website, she would have been stunned. In fact, current Natalie is also stunned, as I usually stick to juvenile ogling and overly emotional rants, so I'm going to have to pull something sensible out of the fire this season.

Season Six is particularly special because of how it has united the book readers and the show watchers for the very first time. We are all in - to quote a playwright who coincidentally died 400 years ago this weekend - "the undiscovered country".

To mark the occasion, my podcast buddy Stuart Layt and I recorded a preview podcast in which we ramble on like Sam Tarly after a few good books.

You can subscribe to Raven On via iTunes, or find it here.

I'm also experimenting with Patreon this season - asking readers who can afford it to pledge $1 per recap. You can check out details of why I'm trialling this here.

I also have a Facebook page, which is full of the most delightful people, all obsessed Throners.

And please join me this week for my first recap of the season - and very first one here at Cheeseburger Gothic.

Valar Morghulis!

4 Responses to ‘One. More. Sleep’

dweeze is gonna tell you...

Posted April 24, 2016
Yay for Clumsy Nat. Boo for not being able to watch Se06 until it's all over. Boo for not being able to join in the party. Boo for no Raven On for me. Can you archive these columns (posts and communts) please?

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Murphy_of_Missouri reckons...

Posted April 24, 2016
Not a Game of Thrones fan myself but I am a GirlClumsy Fan. I've got your back.

As soon as I get paid this Friday.

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JBtoo puts forth...

Posted April 25, 2016
I can't find your Facebook page Natalie, what should I search for?

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Quokka mumbles...

Posted April 27, 2016
Does that help?

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