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Japan Times on sub deal

Posted May 2, 2016 into Science and Tech by John Birmingham

A tip o' the propellor beanie to Guru Bob for this link to a pretty good Japan Times piece on how the Japanese lost the bid to build the RAN's submarines when they started off with the inside running.

In February 2015, Abbott called his “best friend in Asia,” as he had previously described Abe, to tell him about the new bidding process. Abe sympathized and said he would do his best to comply, two sources with knowledge of the conversation said.

Yet, convinced the deal was still in the bag, Japan’s bidding group dithered.

“Even though we were in the competition we acted as though nothing had changed,” said one Japanese government source involved in the bid. “We thought we had already won, so why do anything to rock the boat?”

The Japanese did not attend a conference for the Future Submarines project in March, failing to understand the importance of the crucial lobbying event and leaving the field to their German and French rivals, sources on the Japanese bidding team said.

Japan’s belated attempt to engage with potential local suppliers at a follow up event in August 2015 went badly.

Companies complained Tokyo was unwilling to discuss substantive deals. Having only ever sold arms to Japan’s military because of a decades-old ban on exports that Abe lifted in 2014, neither MHI nor KHI had any Australian military industrial partners.

And unlike France and Germany, which quickly committed to building the submarines in Australia, Japan initially only said it would follow the bidding rules, which required building in Australia as just one of three options.

“The Japanese had been invited in on a handshake deal and were left trying to compete in an international competition having no experience in doing such a thing,” an Australian defense industry source said.

By September 2015, Japan’s key ally Abbott had been deposed by Malcolm Turnbull, blowing the competition wide open.

Full report is here and worth a look.

7 Responses to ‘Japan Times on sub deal’

DiddyWrote has opinions thus...

Posted May 3, 2016
The question to ask, is why was it a handshake deal in the first place?

dweeze swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted May 3, 2016
...because Captain Tones was (is?) an idiot and the Japanese didn't see that clearly enough.

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HAVOCK21 has opinions thus...

Posted May 3, 2016
Plenty og captains calls get made. its just the severity of the fk up or really whether or not it is a fk up, and also that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I wonder if its better to HAVE a decision that NOT have a decision, given the decision has been waiting to be decided for some fkn time and the list of culprits is rather long and large.

As for the choice, well its a good one IMHO. Even if it does mean we get a frog boat.

But here is the kicker, that a rather large amount are NOT aware of:




All the other screaming about combat systems and the US not supplying etc is pure bullshit.

Im not keen on forward tube launched TLAMS or similar via the tubes, vert cells would have been much better.

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NBlob swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted May 3, 2016
Still think we could have all the nice things for $50 BILLION.

HAVOCK21 mutters...

Posted May 3, 2016
yeah, but subs are sexy...and we could do a bit of whale research for ya!

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GhostSwirv puts forth...

Posted May 5, 2016
HAVOC21, When you say 'whale research' it sounds more like the whole exercise is really about spying on MAGMA displacement or sperm whales & humpbacks cavorting or even 'caterpillar drives' trying to nut out why Sean's accent is different to Sam's.

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HAVOCK21 reckons...

Posted May 5, 2016
I would be I aint got enough hair!

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