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BALLS After Dark.55 Entreduce Yourself

Posted July 22, 2016 into Music by beeso

The Doc and Beeso review the new DJ Shadow, wondering if the Doc's high school knob twiddling really gives him the insight needed for the new album, before Beeso can't make up his mind (again!) about Band of Skulls. We also talk about the slowly growing #BallsPodcastMixtape where we are collecting our favourite songs of the year. Then we agree on Doc's classic from The Stalkers. You can also hear the albums for this week and next on The Balls Podcast Playlist.

Next week we review the new sparkly favourite thing by The Avalanches and also Yung's new record as well as the CLASSIC Pornland album In the Nude.

2 Responses to ‘BALLS After Dark.55 Entreduce Yourself’

Therbs has opinions thus...

Posted July 22, 2016
Avalanches? No! Anything associated with DJ Dexter, even though he no longer is with them, gets the big brush off.

dweeze mumbles...

Posted July 22, 2016
I had to use BrushOff in my ears after listening to new Avalanches muck. How disappointing that a once fine band took 15 years to produce insipid pop goo.

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