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Star Trek Beyond

Posted August 19, 2016 into Movies by John Birmingham

I did manage to catch this one for my birthday. Took the fam. We all liked it. I'd post a review but, you know, writing books.

I'm not sure why it hasn't done as well as the others. I though it was better than the Wrath of Khan remake.

Now, back to writing books.

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Sparty puts forth...

Posted August 19, 2016
Into Khan did well cause people liked the first one. Ironically the better film (Beyond) is reaping the ill feeling the second generated.
Could really see Simon Peggs influence -although constrained by the blockbuster template. My main criticism would be that Kirk again won through the power of his fists -in the series he would have lost the fight but won the war something like "So Idris Elba, you think you've won? but ...on EARTH we have a little EMOTION we call LOVE, Now turn off the mad computer / genisis device / guardian of forever and lets go home and kiss"

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Murphy_of_Missouri would have you know...

Posted August 20, 2016
I thought it was doing better.

I had a rare moment when watching the film.

They actually impressed me with the design of Yorktown Base. That hasn't happened to me in a very long time.

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Barnesm reckons...

Posted August 20, 2016
My thinking too, I liked it more than .....into darkness. It seemed a call back to Trek's optimistic vision. Even a fan of the 'we are stronger together over text.

Laughed out loud at the 'seems so ...episodic" comment from Kirk.

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Sudragon asserts...

Posted August 21, 2016
Nice use of classical music.

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MarkatVAVS puts forth...

Posted August 22, 2016
Saw this a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Yorktown Base was spectacular to the point that I suffered from a bit of motion sickness i
when they returned there to battle Idra's cronies(sorry cant rememeber the names. Simon Pegg's influence was there with some well placed humor

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