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Posted September 15, 2016 into Writing by John Birmingham

No, I'm not dead. Just busy.

In the last six weeks I've written just over 80,000 words. I intend to keep going at this rate until mid-December. By that time I will have finished Stalin's Hammer: Paris, A Girl in Time, and the new, full-length AOT novel which kicks off the world War 3.1 series. (Oh, and the Dave Hooper fanfic project).

I'm not sitting up until midnight with my underpants in my head to do this, but I am working consistently, continuously and at a pretty intense level.

At a minimum I drop 2000 words into Scrivener every day. Most days I shoot for two and a half or three thousand.

As always, come mid-afternoon I crash back to the surface of Planet Parenthood for a couple of hours of kid wrangling.

That's why you're not seeing many updates around here. I'm prioritsing the books and by the time I'm finished for the day... I am fucking finished for the day.

I have been following the discussion in the World War 3.1 thread, copying and pasting the highlights across to my research files. I've also had some very useful OOB stuff sent to me by Dirk and JL. I'm grateful for the help.

Also hugely helpful, the beta readers on Paris. I've been gradually taking in their edits and suggestions over the past fortnight, and will wrap that up and send the finished draft off to the pro-editor in the next couple of days. The cover art was finalised a long time ago, and the formatting won't take long, so it will be published within a month.

I will have another topic for 3.1 which I will put up later today. But right now, I have those KPIs to hit.

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Dave W reckons...

Posted September 15, 2016
I thought it would be something like this.

I've not been much use in the Pepsi Challenge...what with knowing next to nothing about military strategy, materiel or history. My history major kind of focussed on the causes of wars 1 and 2, rather than the military consequences. It's been interesting but quite intense to follow the threads.

Look forward to the next update.

Lulu puts forth...

Posted September 16, 2016
"what with knowing next to nothing about military strategy, materiel "

Yep, same here. My only contribution would be '(a) supply lines? have you thought about your supply lines? Oh, and (b) don't invade Russia during winter, because, well (a)'.

Dave W mutters...

Posted September 16, 2016
Plus: Never get involved in a land war in Asia (tip o' the hat to the Princess Bride).

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Leftarc mutters...

Posted September 15, 2016
Is that how you re calibrate the diesel emissions code in a Golf?

Dirk asserts...

Posted September 15, 2016
Naah that's easy :)

Well John bring it on!

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Halwes is gonna tell you...

Posted September 15, 2016
I just read your SMH article on the plebiscite. I was determined not to care about this issue until I had to but I think that time has come. The full enormity of how the debate will unfold has finally penetrated. As I listened to how the two sides would be funded I realised how this funding will be used by the homosexual bashers and I despaired. Most can handle it I reckon and will give as good as they get but what about the fragile and the young.? They are about to get a bashing that they will never forget. There is no way that there wont be serious collateral damage and lasting enmity. By the way, the line on the plebiscite carrying less legal weight than a fridge magnet poem was gold.

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jl reckons...

Posted September 16, 2016
A little bit of staff work on our part frees you up to do what's important- writing. This is entirely selfish because the more you write the more I get to read, and it sounds like you've got some good ideas brewing down there.

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Rob mutters...

Posted September 16, 2016
I love that gif so much.

JB send me an email about the cover image you wanted if you have the time. I have ...erm ,,,, more time that I know what to do with.

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Rhino asserts...

Posted September 16, 2016
You keep banging that keyboard. Me 'n H got this shit locked down tight.

I wanna get my mitts on that commie stomping opus you are working on ... So, if any a these mooks try to derail ya, well, that'd be bad.

All I'm sayin is, You don't get theses eatin' borscht and pettin Uncle Joe's pecker.

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DaveC swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted September 17, 2016
80 K words in a month and a half is pretty epic. Of course I'm drooling to read 3.1, but I'm also really looking forward to reading A Girl in Time. That premise has been bouncing around in my head and I can't wait to see where it takes them.

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Turlogh Dubh O'Brien asserts...

Posted September 20, 2016
I am interested in A Girl in Time as well. I didn't submit a favorite time period for the story suggestion because I couldn't decide on one.

But for me the main show will be WW 3.1. I still hold on to my boyhood dream of getting Tuckerized into one of the novels.

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insomniac puts forth...

Posted September 20, 2016
We need a new post. The current one should be labelled NSFW in an open plan office.

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