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Posted October 21, 2016 into Games by John Birmingham

No. Not R2D2's cousin from the sticks.

The new Red Dead Redemption trailer.

It looks awesome and I am ridiculously excited.

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Turlogh Dubh O'Brien swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted October 21, 2016
Yes! Here's to all the doubting Thomases who claimed that this was just an internet rumor, doomed to roam development hell. I never lost faith.

There's something almost mystical about the Wild West, and this game lassoes and rides that spark well into the sunset.

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Murphy_of_Missouri has opinions thus...

Posted October 21, 2016
I found the game itself to be frustrating to play, but I did enjoy the granular details to be found in that hybridized version of the American West.

My peers in education often talk of using technology to teach history to students. I wish one of those technophiles would find a way to convert gaming systems like this for the classroom.

And maybe the combat mechanics have improved on this model.

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DaveC swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted October 21, 2016
Loved RDR. It felt like a spaghetti western novel with characters who were elevated above the usual gaming tropes. Even though I could only get 'dead eye' to work twenty percent of the time...

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Bondiboy66 puts forth...

Posted October 24, 2016
Hope they release a PC version this time...

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