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Starting to feel like a real book launch

Posted November 24 into A Girl In Time by John Birmingham

Just sent A Girl In Time off to the proof reader. Early next week it'll go a typesetter in Scotland for print layout. I could launch the ebook next week, but I'd like to have both print and digital ready to go together. Once it's sold a few copies and gathered some tasty 5 Star reviews, I'll get my agent to sell the audiobook rights.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in beta. It was great going through the final copy edit, seeing how much the original ms had been improved by your contributions.

I commissioned my old editor and publisher Joel Naoum (now at Critical Mass) to handle the print, and to put together a small press package for the book. I wouldn't normally bother for an indie title, but since this will probably be the first novel published in which Donald Trump is President, it seemed a reasonable outlay.

As soon as I have a final corrected version, I'll run up ebooks for all the betas. I'm using a piece of software called Vellum, which beautifully automates the process, but because this is the first time I've used it, I want to make sure it does the job as advertised.

I haven't settled on price points yet. The print copy will be the same as any trade published paperback, simply because of the costs involved.

The ebook with be five or six dollars full retail, but half price for bookclub members.

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Therbs reckons...

Posted November 24
Just in time for some lazy summer reading. Looking forward to it.

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Dave W asserts...

Posted November 25
Definitely a contender for the hardest working person in fiction. Apropos of your fairfax article earlier this week, it seems like a well-deserved beverage is in order.

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Don Bagert reckons...

Posted November 27
"Once it's sold a few copies and gathered some tasty 5 Star reviews..." That's us, right? LOL

Also, sorry to let you know this but here's an e-book released on May 20 with Trump as President

John Birmingham reckons...

Posted November 27
Damn it.

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