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Cover reveal. A Girl in Time

Posted December 5, 2016 into A Girl In Time by John Birmingham

It may get a few more tweaks on the way to publication, but this template will remain. I love its simplicity, elegance and adapability. A few colour changes, a couple of smaller images suggestive of the narrative content added to each new title, and you've got a visual brand for a whole series.

The artist, William Heavey, has done a great job. (He's currently working on a cool do over for the Stalin's Hammer collection, too.)

I'll be sending out sample ebooks to the club later today. I'll do the same via Twitter, Facebook etc, but those one's will ship with a pre-order link.

Anybody in the bookclub wanting to get the discount US $2.99 instead of US $5.99 should wait for the launch email.

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Brother PorkChop ducks in to say...

Posted December 5, 2016
Have to say, I really enjoyed this, beginning to end. Quite different to the usual but still the same great humour, plot and characters. I am looking forward to the next instalment. Not sure about speaking French though. Never really saw myself as a Singes de rendez-vous mangeurs de fromage.

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insomniac ducks in to say...

Posted December 5, 2016
There's more than a little Angelina in that face.

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Oldy asserts...

Posted December 6, 2016
It's an amazing cover, he's turned in an outstanding piece of work. You have to be happy

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted December 6, 2016
Very. And he's still tweaking it!

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