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Lucky thing I finished that book

Posted December 5, 2016 into Games by John Birmingham

Because I just found out there's a new single player Mechwarrior game coming out. I played soooo much of the old version back in the 90s and it's a shock to see it with these souped up graphics.

Engadget has your briefing here.

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KreepyKrawly has opinions thus...

Posted December 5, 2016
Hopefully they don't screw it up like MWO. I was a top-tier founder for MWO, started out great, then succumbed to the QQers and get rich quick publisher.
The turn-based Battletech game is set for beta soon, and looks cool.
The one thing that I hope will save MWO is the new game runs on the unreal 4 engine.

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Gilligan asserts...

Posted December 14, 2016
I wonder if you'll be able to jump in a Locust, run in under their arc of fire, and just chop the legs out from under them like in the original Mechwarrior.

That'd be sweet. :)

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