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Merry Christmas and a better new year

Posted December 26 by John Birmingham

Delayed season's greetings to you all, excpet for those of you trapped in the past by a cruel and unforgiving international date line. For you, I'm right on time.

Spent the day slowly bloating with alcohol and roast goose.

Will spend today recovering.

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jl ducks in to say...

Posted December 26
Being on the other side of said date line, still coming to terms with a delicious Christmas meal and. Ah, prime rib roast and Merlot. Amazing. And I still had some time and sobriety left over to do a little writing on the latest and check in here. Happy holidays to everyone here at the 'burger.

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she_jedi swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 26
Merry Christmas JB, and to all the other burgerers. Hope you're all recovering nicely from Christmas indulgences, or for those on the wrong side of the dateline, I hope you're in the middle of epic Christmas indulgences from which you will need to recover :)

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Oldy mumbles...

Posted December 26
Merry Christmas JB, hope your 2017 is packed full of win

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jason asserts...

Posted December 26
I am currently enjoying the best day of the year, Boxing Day. Family commitments all over, cricket on the telly, plenty of leftovers to eat at my whim and the nap window is open all day. May even indulge in a quiet one or three tonight. Batteries fully recharging for my tilt at world domination next year. It doesn't get much better in my world.

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insomniac puts forth...

Posted December 26
What Jason said, and Merry Christmas to all

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Dave W puts forth...

Posted December 27
All the best to everyone, and thank you John.

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NBlob mumbles...

Posted December 27
Peace. Such a little word. A single syllable with syllabance and a plosives bow. Yet it features in every tradition, Buddhist to Orthodox Judaism, at a Catholic Mass one shakes the hand of the stranger beside you and wish them peace. If there is anything we need at this time of year it's peace. The peace of reconnecting with family over shared table and traditions. The peace of taking time to think of those who we've lost.
I wish you a peaceful season.

Paul_Nicholas_Boylan mumbles...

Posted December 29
The cynicism I've learned over the years tells me that peace is an illusion at best and a condition imposed upon those vanquished for reasons of realpolitik. But the optimistic idealism programmed into me sincerely thanks you for your wish and remembers Robert Browning's beautiful resolution of cynicism and idealism when he wrote "a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?"

Peace to the World, goodwill towards all.

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MickH mutters...

Posted December 30
Merry Christmas & a happy new year JB
I hope this is a successful one for us

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