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Pete's Ranger School Overview

Posted February 22 by John Birmingham

You'll find this entry on JasonL's blog interesting. The first of a couple of interviews with former war fighters.

Check it out.

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jason is gonna tell you...

Posted February 22
I've been keeping an eye on this and I am hooked on Ranger Pete. I want him as my friend and to rescue me from a besieged embassy in sub Saharan Africa. Hopefully both will happen.

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jl would have you know...

Posted February 23
Pete would be fine with that. He's versatile. Just as long as you keep him supplied with Grizzly chew and Natural Light (or its local equivalent).

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Senator Texas asserts...

Posted February 24
Got a link?

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted February 24
Hit the test link that says Check it out.

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Bondiboy66 mumbles...

Posted February 24
I remember reading of the Rangers Course years back - it's certainly up there in terms of difficulty with courses like SAS Selection for intsance.

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NBlob mumbles...

Posted February 27
Did Pete get f*ked by the fickle finger of fate?

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Senator Texas mumbles...

Posted February 28

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