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Ten Years of Blunt Instrument

Posted March 7 by John Birmingham

I dont want to alarm anybody, but it's been a decade since I published the first entry at BT.

Link's here.

I seem to recall thinking I'd probably last a year or so there.

Of course, I've been doing this blog a lot longer in one form or another. It's been hard to find the time to update recently because of the publishing schedule I've set myself for this year. Five books, all long form. Two trade published and three indie.

The two long form releases (GIRL and STALIN"S HAMMER) have gone very well. They've totally proved the model. So now I have to ramp up to full production.

I've thought about putting the Burger to sleep for six months, like I did when drafting Weapons of Choice (or maybe it was Designated Targets). I seem to recall it helped, both with the book writing and with my enthusiasm for blogging when I got back to it.

Still pondering that though. I have reasons for not putting it on hiatus.

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.

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Dave W mumbles...

Posted March 7
It's good to get the odd random thought or discussion instigated by you. But it shouldn't distract from the stuff that pays the bills.

So low maintenance blogging, I guess.

My $0.02.

Bondiboy66 ducks in to say...

Posted March 8
THIS - and perhaps the odd book update or relevent opinion/information seeking. Low maintenance, engine on idle I guess.

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insomniac is gonna tell you...

Posted March 7
what dave w said

i'd also add that what with asb and the twitterz and this and writing and family and whatever, you're spreading yourself thinly, so if all we get is a smear of olive paste on our sandwich, or burger even, then that will have to do.

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jason asserts...

Posted March 7
You should look at "How to be a Writer" by John Birmingham, lots of good advice there. But seriously...

This stuff is fun but I am all about the writing. So happy with less burger, plus i get my fix from Alien Side Boob which I would recommend to everyone.

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Surtac has opinions thus...

Posted March 7
I have to agree with the earlier commenters. Do what you need to.

The sweary glory that is ASB more than makes up for the sound of crickets in here, imo.

And I should be working on my AoT fanfic anyway.

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FormerlyKnownAsSimon has opinions thus...

Posted March 7
Blogs are turning out to be like archaeological markers anyway. It's good for a sounding board for the group in here but it don't pay the bills.

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Don Bagert mutters...

Posted March 7
It seems like you couldn't stop all posts e.g you would need somewhere for your posts related to the new books. You're still planning to use us as volunteer editors, right? Also you usually ask for feedback concerning a certain aspect of the book (especially with AoT)?

Also, would that mean that your AoT and Disappearance "fanthologies" would be on hold? :(

jason reckons...

Posted March 7
Or is this an opportunity to allow for greater fan input into the fanthology with us doing the work and John polishing it once it has been well edited, cover art, etc.?

John Birmingham has opinions thus...

Posted March 7
And this neatly captures my reluctance to put the Burger on hiatus. I trust this channel ad the people here in a way that I wouldn't trust, say, my three thousand very close friends on the Book of Face.
To answer your question, yes. I am still planning to do the beta reading program.

jason is gonna tell you...

Posted March 8
I am happy to do proof reading of any fan fic to allow you more writing time. I have a little editing skill to if that helps.

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trib mumbles...

Posted March 8
JB, you do you. It's not like The Instrument generates dollars for burgers and beers; OTOH publishing does.

So, drop in here for "shit you idiots should be checking out", rather than trying to maintain a schedule of publishing you can't legitimately keep.

It's not like most of us aren't reading ASB (where such things could also go).

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Chirurgean is gonna tell you...

Posted March 9
Seems a wee bit trite to say, but change is inevitable. No ancient Chinese proverbs here, but it is true. Do you want to spend the rest of your life doing the same stuff? I thought not. Enjoy — plan your next 20 yrs and move on. Human beings are remarkably plastic and are moulded by events around us. Heck, I am affected and changed by reading your books (in a small but significant way).
Looking forward to the future!

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