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Mission Impossible: Spycat

Posted March 13 by John Birmingham

My thanks to Karletta for giving me this idea yesterday. Hard to believe this program actually existed, let alone cost the equivalent of US $142M.

I also included a couple of extra links in today's ASB. As I'm noodling around the net, looking for stuff to write about, I come across some pretty funny stuff. I thought it'd add a bit of value to serve up a couple of those links too.

Today's included this great Ben Thompson analysis of the BBC expert interupted by his daughter mid interview.

The Boob, however, is all about cats. Spycats.

These are not happy times for the CIA. Outplayed by a former Soviet intelligence agent in Vladimir Putin. Answering to a current Russian intelligence asset in Donald Trump. Force-fed roflberry pwncakes by a sub-Bond villain rapist albino and his enabler-minions at Wikileaks.
Where’s the respect?
Where’s the love?
Where’s the hundred and forty million dollar research projects on weaponised kitty cats?
Before anybody can Make America Great Again, America’s institutions will have to be remade if they are to recapture their former glory. And there is no glory so former as the Central Intelligence Agency’s ‘Acoustic Kitty’ program.
Launched in secret—possibly due to fear of intense mockery—by the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology in the 1960s, the project intended to release an army of stealth cats on Soviet embassies, and even the Kremlin itself. It cost more than $20M - over $140M in current terms. Agency surgeons implanted microphones and radio transmitters into selected pussies, possibly not the first time such a procedure had been tried, but certainly the first time it was tried with actual cats...

3 Responses to ‘Mission Impossible: Spycat’

she_jedi reckons...

Posted March 13
Spycats was fantastic! Clearly the CIA, in the YEARS this program ran, did not consult any actual cat owners during their research.

And that Ben Thompson breakdown of the BBC video was simply glorious. Thank you for sharing.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted March 13
Yeah, I really like the idea of adding value with other people's hard work.

she_jedi reckons...

Posted March 13
I think the government would call that an efficiency dividend :P

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