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That beer jihad yesterday

Posted March 14 by John Birmingham

I didn't really understand why everyone lost their shit over the debate but not the product placement. From Blunty:

Well, that was weird. Having feasted on the lulz last week while compulsively hitting replay on that Department of Finance recruitment video, you'd think that as a nation we'd had our fill of bizarro YouTube moments.

But nope.

A tie-up between Coopers Brewery and the Bible Society of Australia has prompted this spoof. From The Feed on SBS Viceland, 7.30 weeknights.

Because here comes the Bible Society and a beer company, and two white blokes in blue suits talking about marriage equality. And hot on their heels, the savage backlash to the Bible Society and a beer company and two white blokes in blue suits talking about marriage equality.

Maybe it was just my Twitter yesterday. Maybe this didn't break out anywhere else, but it did break out all over my timeline, with angry barmen throwing stubbies of Coopers into a rubbish bin, and angry beer drinkers posting carefully composed pictures of more Coopers going down the kitchen sink, and lots and lots of angry tweetenvolk letting Coopers have it for that thing they did with the two white blokes and the Bible Society and the beer.


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