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I am that fool for love

Posted March 21 by John Birmingham

From Blunty:

I've never jumped into a crocodile-infested river to impress a girl called Sophie, but I did once drunkenly fall on and eat a huntsman spider to impress a girl whose name I've long since forgotten. I think she's a doctor now.

But unlike the rest of you judgmental wallopers, I do not judge half-eaten north Queensland idiot, Lee De Paauw.

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HAVOCK21 asserts...

Posted March 21
I see that Blunty has gotten its collective together are FKN MADE GETTING COMMENTS UP WORSE THAN IT BLOODY WELL EVER FKN WAS> SLOW FKRS!...CRACK THE WHIP JB!!!

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DarrenBloomfield asserts...

Posted March 21
HAVOCK my man, I simply *MUST* follow you on Twitter!

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HAVOCK21 mutters...

Posted March 21
Your comment on: Teen who braved the crocs for his crush almost made me choke up my spider

HAVOCK21 Today, 02:24PM
He should be taken out back ans shot. why?

Well for one, I don't want to be paying to fix up his mangled drug addled body which happens to be missing oh so many brain cells

2- I'm sure that the genetic tree could really do without this, lest we have a repeat!

3- If I was her I would be worried as to the mentall agility or severe lack of.

Your comment on: Teen who braved the crocs for his crush almost made me choke up my spider

HAVOCK21 Today, 02:04PM
An aberration in the Darwinian process. What a shame!

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jl puts forth...

Posted March 22
I dunno, I'll admit to some stupidity as a teen for the purposes of impressing the opposite sex.

There used to be an abandoned coal mine in the forest behind my house, it was an open pit that filled with water. It had cliffs on one side, they were anywhere from 30-50 feet high. We swam in it a lot. Well, on a dare in the presence of local girls I dove head first into the pit from a cliff.

I lived.

Years later, they drained the pit before "reclaiming" it. I saw the the bottom was filled with junk equipment and old cars. Would have sucked to have hit one of those with my head.

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Bondiboy66 puts forth...

Posted March 23
Chicks dig scars. Even crocodile induced ones.

Nocturnalist mumbles...

Posted March 23
Maybe not this one. There's a followup story quoting her as saying "Being attacked by animals doesn't really do it for me."

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WA n'ker reckons...

Posted March 23
Hey Birmo, just saw your Blunty piece published as a letter to the editor of the Busselton Mail. I didn't know you were a fan our little west Australian town. Perhaps you call in here to revictual your hovercraft on the way to your secret Indian Ocean lair.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted March 23
This is a very strange moment in my career.

NBlob asserts...

Posted March 23
Karma bitch.
How many trademark Birmo unexpected plot twists have you imposed on us?

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