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Cock punching the Bolter

Posted March 24 by John Birmingham

I spent all day on this topic. It was a lot harder than I expected.

If only Andrew Bolt was free to speak his mind, none of those people would have died in London yesterday. If only the Bolter could just be free to tell us exactly what he thought of the mud races and their heathen ways, we would no longer have to live in fear of being violently disassembled by bearded nutters in chocolate shops or on the public thoroughfares.

He would give them a jolly good talking to and they would fold up like a cheap umbrella in a high wind.

Well rejoice, my friends, because that happy day is nigh.


Six years (and a never-ending News Corp campaign in the service of of bad faith and bullshit later) and the PM is released for a few minutes from the windowless cellar where he now lives with George Christensen whispering to him in the dark, “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

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insomniac reckons...

Posted March 24
Why don't Labor etc band together and add harass to the existing list rather than swap them out, so the bill has to go to the lower house, and then watch the lnp shit themselves.

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Bondiboy66 has opinions thus...

Posted March 27
Apropos of little - I am rereading the AoT books and chuckled at SAS troopers Bolt and Akerman having at Jerry in the UK....and failing to survive the encounter.

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