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BALLS.102 Super Rugby: now 3/18ths less Super than advertised

Posted April 10, 2017 into Sport by beeso

In which Beeso and the Doc get into drinking on holiday, learning tracks with Jacques, off-field spending, the Doc's diatribe, words without pictures, lapsed code fans, the Sportress' bad couple of decades, the roles of development leagues, European rugby, poor governance and pay TV in the absolute state of Super Duper Rugby, the other other (other) Tony Martin, the fable of the Brumbies, the tedium of code wars, corporate raiders, one-sport kids, Western Conference bracketology, Billy Donovan's party piece, Spurs picking their spots, DNP-Schedule, the Chris Paul Clause, LeBron wants you to know how much he doesn't care, taking offense at the MVP debate, East playoff matchups, why Fear The Deer?, reintegrating superstars, DPOY CBF, why SEN isn't short for SENsible and how the Ringer is failing Grantland's analytical legacy. After a week off due to biblical flooding, we had a lot to cover.

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