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Dark Tower trailer

Posted May 5, 2017 by John Birmingham

I tried twice to get into this series of books. Oddly, for the King, they just didn't do it for me. But having seen this excellent trailer I might go back for a third attempt. Thanks to Warren for the heads up.

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jason has opinions thus...

Posted May 5, 2017
I know nothing about the show but the first three books in the series are some of my favourite SK work. I recommend persisting as the man in black flees across the desert...

Dave W mutters...

Posted May 5, 2017

I saw the trailer and actually thought that it confirmed my long-running rule of not watching King conversions.

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WarDog reckons...

Posted May 5, 2017
Saw the trailer yesterday too. I can't wait
It looks like they might have boiled the story down to something a little more forceful than the books.

While I loved some of the books in the series, some of them just dawdled. Like the ?5th/6th? which spent all its time living in the Gunslingers past.

But the self referential parts and the intertwining with the real world was gripping.

It was written over many/many years and was King experimenting with a paid subscription like model. He originally only planned on completing it if enough people signed up. That was scary that we might never get the end of a story we had invested in.

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Nocturnalist swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted May 5, 2017
When I was a kid I found an old copy of F&SF on my parents' shelves that had as its first story this weird quasi-Western thing called "The Gunslinger", which finished with a note that this was part of the saga of Childe Roland on his way to the Dark Tower. (I'd heard of the Roland story, and was old enough to think "heh, kind of cool to be retelling it as a cowboy story".) I was a bit young to take in the whole thing but I remember the *feel* of the story, this quiet, lonely, dreamlike vibe it had that I hadn't run into before. That stayed with me and I remember some of the first serious attempts at fiction that I wrote were also attempts to recapture that feel.

Imagine my surprise when I came across that sequence again after having read Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Stand, It and all the rest and realised holy shit, that was King?

Ironically I've never gone back to go through the rest of the books. Might need to mainline them in a hurry before the series starts.

And that opening line is still in my all-time top-five list.

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Surtac reckons...

Posted May 5, 2017

I'm quite ambivalent about the King. I loved 'Dreamcatcher' but not the others I've tried. Could not get into 'The Stand' at all. Don't know why.

I'm looking for a new series right now to go alongside my Hugo Award reading.

I'll give this a try - I know others who love it.

jason swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted May 8, 2017
Go back to The Stand. One of my all time faves.

NBlob is gonna tell you...

Posted May 9, 2017
Probably what bought me here was JB's thinky on The Stand.

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Nocturnalist mutters...

Posted May 5, 2017
Maybe it's time to bring back the Burger book club to tackle the first book in time for the series kickoff?

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Dave W mutters...

Posted May 6, 2017
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

My favourite sentence ever.

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Gilligan would have you know...

Posted May 9, 2017
I'm about 10% conflicted.

The larger part of my brain that likes shiny things and would pay cinema prices to watch Idris Elba and Matthew MConaughey sitting in a room and occasionally remarking on the weather is super hyped.

The mega-nerd, story purist part of my brain picked out about 4 HUGE departures from the novels that appear to torpedo significant aspects of the characters.

With that in mind, though, I like the idea of an inspired by/based on movie, and see previous comment re; Mssrs Elba and McConaughey.

I'm in.

And in the mean time, if we want to see just how good an adaptation can be, we have American Gods. :)

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NBlob puts forth...

Posted May 9, 2017
When I first came across the Dark Tower series they didn't work for me, but this looks the goods.
Interesting that projects that get up seem to be the ones that have built in sequels. Bodes well for AoT.

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