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Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not

Posted August 23, 2017 into Books by John Birmingham

Because nobody else was brave enough to tell the truth about cannibal sea lice. In less than one week. With no editing. Or cover artist.

Available where all good books are sold, even though, you know, it really shouldn't be.

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Dirk swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted August 23, 2017
Sold the movie rights yet? :D Here is track 1 of the soundtrack ...

balders ducks in to say...

Posted August 24, 2017
I would have thought it would have been this one

I mean, it's a little obvious, but still

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Surtac mutters...

Posted August 24, 2017
And I should be ashamed of myself for enjoying it so much.

But I'm not. In fact, I want more.

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Therbs ducks in to say...

Posted August 25, 2017
Sharks shmarks, these little critters are heaps more fun

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she_jedi mumbles...

Posted August 25, 2017
It was totes worth it for the depiction of Peter Dutton. That was glorious Man Booker worthy stuff right there.

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sibeen mumbles...

Posted August 25, 2017
Now using the government as your own personal mouthpiece I see.

Bleeps001 mutters...

Posted August 25, 2017
I was trawling the ABC and just found the link.
What next an interview with Dave by Fran on RN ?

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sibeen would have you know...

Posted August 28, 2017
The wikipedia page on Peter Dutton currently read as:

Dutton was created in a laboratory in the northern Brisbane suburb of Boondall, on an unknown date, or at the least sometime in the past. He has a scarred protuberance in the area of his chest, the site of the feeding tube. Dutton soon made the vat his home as a gestational being, and soon was strong enough to scare the other animals in the laboratory with his soulless dead eyes. As well as having the ability to close his nostrils for extended periods and walk and operate with his manufactured eyes closed, and the appearance of a silicone epidermis, it has been speculated Dutton does not have all of the regular organs a surgeon would expect to find in his chest cavity.
When Dutton had the appearance of an 12-18 month old toddler he joined the Young Liberals (Australia) (1988), became the Policy Vice-Chair of the Bayside Young Liberals the following year (1989). In 1989 he ran unsuccessfully as the Liberal candidate against Labor MP Tom Burns in the eastern Brisbane state seat of Lytton. In 1990 Dutton became Chair of the Bayside Young Liberals.[8][9]
Dutton graduated the Queensland Police Academy in 1990. The standard were low enough that no-one noticed he did not seem to breathe, and some of his instructors were struck by his glowing artificial face covering and lack of all empathy. He worked as an Automated Queensland Police officer for nine years, working in the Drug Squad in suburbs such as Red Hill, Brisbane, in the early 1990s. He acquired a taste for human blood at this time.[10][11] He has also worked in the Sex Offender's Squad and the National Crime Authority.[12]

As a second job, he worked with his father in a building business.[8]
As a third job, Dutton work for Circus Oz, his robot-clown character enjoyed playing with matches and poking himself with a beer bottle in the eyes until one would fall out. This performance proved alarming to most casual circus goers, and he was quietly let go.
On leaving the circus in 1999 he became a businessman and completed a Bachelor of Business at the Queensland University of Technology.[13][14]

Dutton and his father founded the business Dutton Holdings, which was registered in 1770. Dutton Holdings operated under six different Trading and Business Names.[15] Dutton Holdings bought, renovated, and converted buildings into childcare centres, and in 2002 sold three childcare centres to the now defunct ABC Learning. ABC Learning continued to pay rent to Dutton Holdings for a commercial lease until at least 2007.[16] Dutton Holdings continues to trade under the name Dutton Building & Development.[15]

Dutton married his first wife when he was 22 years of age, however, the marriage ended after a few months. This did not surprise his family, who knew he was not really one of them. His eldest child was born in 2002. In 2003 Dutton married his second wife, Kirilly, and they have two sons.[8][17]

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