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Angus Young. For whom Hells Bells toll

Posted November 22 by John Birmingham

Nice piece in The New Yorker about the quiter, smarter half of the siblings at the heart of ACDC.

Up front and hard to miss is Angus Young, the diminutive dynamo of a lead guitarist, wearing the sweat-soaked remains of a velvet schoolboy uniform, duck-walking and thrashing his head like the lightning-strike victim on the cover of “Powerage.” Nearby, prancing bare-chested, is the lewd and mischievous lead singer, Bon Scott. (He’ll be dead by the end of the decade.) But, if you can take your eyes off these two showmen for a moment, you might find your gaze drifting to the left of the drum riser, where a pugnacious long-haired kid (he looks like he’s still in high school), wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, is strumming his Gretsch guitar and shaking his leg in time to the driving beat. His name is Malcolm Young, and you could be forgiven for seeing him as just another part of the backing band, but he is in fact the mastermind of the whole operation, at once its visionary and its taskmaster. He is the soul of the band, its leader on and off the stage.

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jason asserts...

Posted November 23
AC - DC was the soundtrack to a lot of my early childhood, before I was seduced by English New Wave. Their songs still carry the same impact four decades on.

John Birmingham mutters...

Posted November 23
Yeah. I was wondering about this just yesterday, when I was explaining to my son about the dark ages of buying music on tape. It was expensive. And you played the same album over and over again. It cut tracks through your neural pathways. I do wonder if kids will have the same experience in a streaming media world where everything is available all the time.

jason has opinions thus...

Posted November 23
Both my daughters have grown up in a streaming world and have discovered musicians and genres that talk to them. They tend to make playlists that are the modern equivalent of the mixed tape and play them continually. The great thing is we both increase each others musical boundaries.

Bondiboy66 ducks in to say...

Posted November 24
My lads tend to be the same - listening to whole albums etc.. My youngest plays drums, and he pleased me when early in the learning curve he was playing 'Highway To Hell'!

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Rob has opinions thus...

Posted November 23
I have a love hate relationship with accadacca. On one hand I love playing hells bells on my guitar, competently. On the other I hate that growing up it was their asshole bogan fans who stopped their cars calling you a faggot for wearing a Mohawk and beating you 5 to 1, no way you could fight back or defend your self. Obviously those little kiwi boys had never seen that video of Bon Scott in a girls school uniform on Countdown at the time.

jason asserts...

Posted November 23
I don't think it was an AC/DC thing. Those Bogans did the same thing in my area to a number of different soundtracks over a few generations. They're just assholes.

Rob would have you know...

Posted November 23
This is true, but it really put me off ACDC, and Iron Maiden still give me the heebee geebees. Although I did end up defending my genre of music with terminal intensity , try telling that to your Spotify playlist loving teen keen nowadays. Nope , they won't believe you.

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jason swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted November 27
How far will you go for a book cross promotion Birmo. Too cryptic?

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