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Bachelor Month

Posted November 23 by John Birmingham

Thomas and I had the ribtacular combo at Roddy's in West End last night. Also, the fiery chicken wings in lava sauce for starters.

We could do this because for the next three and a bit weeks we are Men Without Women. Jane and Anna are touring Italy in lieu of Schoolies Week.

I'm planning to finish The Cruel Stars and get moving for real on WW 3.1 and Girl in Time 2.

I also have to complete my second bar brown belt grading for jujitsu and get rid of all the blubber I put on comfort eating my way through the dark months after Dad passed away. Luckily I have a puppy who wakes me at 4AM every monring, without fail. That cold wet snout in my face tells me it's time to get some value out of my 24HR gym pass.

Currenlty a disgraceful 98.5 kgs.

Aiming to run a calorie deficit of at least 1000 per day. Last night I was protein-only. No carbs.

We'll see where that gets me by the time the ladies come home.

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Rob puts forth...

Posted November 23
Dude, I'd kill to be 98.5 kgs. I may still yet.

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jason would have you know...

Posted November 23
I am concentrating on getting taller. It seems a lot more realistic.

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insomniac has opinions thus...

Posted November 23
98.5 is more like where I need to end up. Starting at 119 I'm down to 107.something. Had to something as I was way too gouty.

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jl is gonna tell you...

Posted November 23
Those lava wings sound delicious, chased with beer.

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted November 24
There may have been beer.

Dave W puts forth...

Posted November 24
Lava wings and beer. This 'Roddy's' sounds intriguing, do they have a Canberra outlet?

I promise to do the hill sprints as an exchange program.

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Bondiboy66 ducks in to say...

Posted November 24
Just as well you didn't go to Italy - by comparison I put on about 5kg on a three week trip to France this year! I'd be worse in Italy I reckon.

Don't mind 'bloking it up' with the lad(s) when I can! Sounds just the thing this fiery chook and beer combo.

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Oldy mumbles...

Posted November 27
98.5... you can see my pic, right? 98.5 sounds like a dream to this former Offensive Lineman.

I've recently begun, not so much 'Bachelor Month', but 'Bachelor For The Foreseeable Future'.

I expect to get down somewhere near 98.5, but my knees won't do martial arts anymore. Weights and diet it is. Luckily I respond well to both.

Good luck with your goals. History suggests you'll succeed.

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