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The free kilo

Posted June 25, 2018 by John Birmingham

JB at walking desk.

Stepped on the scales this morning. I really wasn't looking forward to that. I'm afraid I ate my way through about six months of depression last year, and a chronic back problem (two discs at the base of my spine fusing together) really restricted the amount of exercise I could do.

I was kind of expecting to be up around the 103 or 104 kg mark.

However... HUZZAH!

I'd actually dropped a kilo, probably from walking the dog a lot recently and cutting back on bakery treats to get me through the book deadline. I think that as soon as I get The Golden Minute done, I might take myself off to the gym for a decent session, and then devote a fortnight or two to preferencing my fitness and health. I'll keep working because I have other deadlines, but the first thing I attend to each day will be repairing the physical damage of the last year.

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jl reckons...

Posted June 25, 2018
I hear ya about weight loss. Recently had a bout of good ol’ manual labor, and now getting some decent hikes in here in the mountains. Should be at 95kg, hanging out at 105 instead. Ugh. I’ll face the scale when I get home.

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Rob mutters...

Posted June 28, 2018
Down to 109 now, so far I've lost 10 Kilos from my worst at 119. (just less of me to love baby) Next I need to give up the smoking (again) and get active. But you got to lose the weight to get moving, When you're fat everything hurts, all the time, ankles, knees, lungs, legs. The weight I've lost , just walking up my stairs is so much easier. Now If the involuntary groaning of being over 40 will just cease, all will be good in the world.

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she_jedi has opinions thus...

Posted July 3
The stomach curdling anxiety of hopping on the scales when you know the answer is not going to be good, and then the sense of weightless joy when you realise that against all odds and laws of physics that not only are you not as fat as you were expecting, you've lost weight.... huzzah!
I feel you JB *fist bump*

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