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Posted July 10 into Movies by John Birmingham

I know it's late but I finally got to the movies to watch Solo last night. I've missed all of the big releases in the fist half of the year. Haven't caught a single Marvel episode. So it was nice to finally find the time to get out.

I really enjoyed it. Solo is not a perfect film, but it's not deserving of the shit it's had heaped on it either. (Just this morning I saw somebody on the twitterz running it down as bland and pointless — but they were more concerned about the easy ride Alden Ehrenreich got compared to Kelly Marie Tran).

I like space opera. I like westerns. I like noir. And Solo was a mash up of all three. It was action-driven, but it's a space adventure, not a 12 hour character drama on Hulu or Netflix. I dont think Ehrenreich did nearly as good a job of capturing young Solo as, say, Chris Pine did with his varsity Jim Kirk.

But the rest of cast picked up the slack. Woody Harrelson was brilliant. Jane didn't dig on Emilia Cark's Qi'ra, but my problem with her was my own. I kept waiting for the Mother of Dragons to ride in on a wave of fire. It was only in the last part of the film when I relaised the sort of archetypal noir character she was playing that I began to understand Clarke's performance.

Only real quibble I had was the odd choice to wash out the colour palate. You can have a western with vibrant colours but this one seemed to be permanently soaked in sepia tones. It was distracting.

Still, I enjoyed the film and I'm glad I caught it on the big screen.

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she_jedi mumbles...

Posted July 10
I enjoyed it much more than the pasting it got led me to expect I would. I did have a moment of doubt as the movie started, in which I wondered if I really needed to know Han Solo's back story (I'm looking at you prequel trilogy), but in the end I thought it was pretty good. All of the supporting roles absolutely smashed it out of the park, which I think contributed to Ehrenreich not quite achieving the Solo swagger, but overall it answered some questions I didn't know I had, and tied in nicely to a few things in the original trilogy that had me going "Ah! I see what you did there!" I thought Lando's suffragette droid co pilot was an absolute standout too.

I still feel Rogue One is the absolute benchmark on Star Wars spin offs, but Solo was a really enjoyable way to waste a couple of hours.

John Birmingham mutters...

Posted July 10
Yeah. The droid was great.
Interesting thing about the Solo swagger; it's mostly on display in A New Hope. He's an old school Saturday matinee rogue there. In the later eps of the first trilogy, Han is a much more conventional hero. Ehrenreich's portrayal is faithful to the later Han.

she_jedi is gonna tell you...

Posted July 10
That's a really good point! I always put the disappearance of Han the rogue in Empire and Jedi down to the growth of his character once he teamed up with Luke and Leia et al.

Maybe the swagger develops after the end credits of Solo, when he's got the Falcon and Chewie and is off to try his luck with the gangster on Tatooine? If it had been a huge hit I can see them shoe-horning in a sequel for some exposition that would lead directly into a New Hope.

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Bernie asserts...

Posted July 10
I really enjoyed Solo, apart from the stupid space kraken, and my mate snoring right in the middle ( he claimed it was because his new GF had been shagging him silly, I recon it was just old man-itis), did I mention how stupid I thought the space kraken was?
It was pretty stupid.

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Bernie asserts...

Posted July 10
Post Script,
Did anyone else think that Qi'ra may be well on the path to the dark side - I'd love to see her in a sequel as a sith lord.

Nocturnalist ducks in to say...

Posted July 11
Yep. For most of the last act I thought she was just on her way to stepping into the now-empty crime boss' shoes, but then you get that closeup where the red sabre is reflected in her eyes - reckon that was in there very much on purpose.

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FormerlyKnownAsSimon mutters...

Posted July 11
i keep forgetting to go see it. I might have to wait for a streaming service for this one. I also saw that tweet from what i usually consider a reasonably reliable source. Might have hit them on a bad day.

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Vovchara would have you know...

Posted July 20
I guess it all depends on how you like prequels. I don't. I have something around 2k books on my kindle in addition to innumerable kindle unlimited books I've read in the last 7 years. And around 20 of them are prequels. And I didn't like a single one of them. They all lack suspense, most of them break the continuity, and even if they don't like for example "Manticore Ascendant" by David Weber, they still present a world where we know how it all ends.
And Star Wars universe is the worse when it comes to continuity or making sense in general. There is just too much stuff created in all those movies and books with no one taking continuity or world building serious.
There is only one exception - and sadly it's a fanfic - which creates a cohesive narrative, pays attention to lore and worldbuilding and subverts expectations in a meaningful way.
For those who haven't read it, I can only recommend to try it out. by Charles Sonnenburg. Chuck uses canon and lore from both Star Trek and Star Wars in the way we all wish the original authors did. It's a true saga, with 6 books where everything we've ever seen from Star Wars and Star Trek used to it's best.
At least for me, after I've read it I couldn't watch atrocities Hollywood creates in those Universes anymore.

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